It's official: The #ME TOO movement is a sham

They started out with such good intentions. Then of course, like everything else they got totally politicized. They are still holding politicians responsible, but now it’s only republicans. Democratic women abusers get a free ride. They went from “we must believer her” to " we only believe her if she is accusing a republican. They had integrity at first. Can anyone explain why the Keith Ellison situation is being totally ignored? They refuse to even talk about it. As if it never happened. The movement is no longer an honest movement. It’s now just yet another hysterical division of the resist movement. Screw the victims.

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Oh for the love of

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Al Franken hearts this thread.


He’s out dude. Maybe also read about the Ellison thing too.

I know Tommy. When you cannot defend the indefensible, you simply say “Oh for the love of.”

So let’s address the actual question shall we? I’m opened minded. Help me to understand. Why do you suppose that all questions regarding Keith Ellison are being ignored? They do not defend him, nor do they question him, It’s always “no comment.”

Do you have a decent explanation for this?

Just read about what happened with the Ellison situation. Take you two minutes.

Unless you’re specifically refusing to so you can continue your fact free narrative unabated.


Lol it’s only Democrat groups investigating. You think they’re actually going to do anything to him? Or even find anything?

Why are republicans always the victims? :cry:

WWTTPD? What Would the Tea Party DO?

Weird response, but whatever…

Keith Ellison isn’t out of anything

What can you do for me…Al Franken?


Say what?


It’s official.

One PAC made a decision to target only Republicans, so an entire movement is now a “sham”.

So says altair, honest arbiter of sexual misconduct allegations.


You good with republicans only investigating republicans?

That’s what’s happening with Ellison- only Democrat groups are “investigating.”

You mean like what is going on with Kavanaugh?

Nice deflection, but the whole committee is investigating. Is there any one other than a democratic ally group full of Ellison’s friends “investigating” him? I notice you didn’t answer the question. Only deflected.

When you want to find the majority of sexual abuse it makes sense that you qould look at the gop where most of it happens…

And they are doing such a great job by giving the alleged victim ultimatums and constantly attacking her as a liar in public.

So. Let the Republicans pretend ti care about women being abused and they can go after dems…

You snowflakes whine too much…

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