It's not nepotism, it's anti white supremacy

NYC Mayors just suck all around.

Adams is going all corrupt to protect the NYPD faster than anyone thought though.

It won’t.

There is a lot of money in the city.

They are bringing solitary confinement back because you know… liberals.

Money is always a question of how much in, vs out and actual services provided. Staten Island is the obvious political outlier. Does more go in, or come out of Staten Island and what services do they receive.

Staten Island isn’t leaving NYC.

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Staten Island would become an enormous slum if it left NYC.

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It’s true, white supremacy is on the rise; poor Eric Adams probably just doesn’t want to be accosted by a couple of thugs with rope yelling “this is MAGA country”, I hear those are everywhere :wink:

I like how people forget like there wasn’t a massive white nationalist rally in 2017.
whos organizers were just convicted of starting a race riot.

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And back in the real world, of course, this is who is actually makes not so thinly-veiled threats to the new mayor:

Hawk Newsome isn’t affiliated with BLM.

This literally happened yesterday.

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we should all hate Patriot Front.

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Is he a white supremacist ?

he is a black nationalist.
you know that scary word from the 70’s.

Yeah, like I thought - few scattered nuts.

That sounds like a “no”.

why are you so scared to admit white nationalism exists.

sounds like you don’t have to have a real conversation just wanna scream BLM, ANFTIA.

White nationalism exists, obviously. Did I say it didn’t ?

An utterly bizarre post.

I’ll admit - I had to scan every one of my posts in this thread because not even once did I mention BLM or ANTIFA.