It's not nepotism, it's anti white supremacy

Good luck New York.

New Mayor Eric Adams says that promoting his brother to Deputy Police Commissioner is needed because all the White Supremacy in New York City is a threat to Adam’s safety and his brother will oversee his protective detail.

Eric Adams says naming brother deputy NYPD commissioner protects him from ‘White supremacy’

How many white liberals voted for this guy?

Well, kudos for the stretch and spin on that excuse I guess. :woman_shrugging:

For what it’s worth, I supported Curtis.

HOW MANY!?!?!?

I’m guessing that they didn’t expect Mr law and Order to blatantly roll his family up to the public trough.

Should white liberals who voted for him be upset or do they support this? It’s hard to keep this straight.

He wasn’t the liberal candidate.

I figure it is a conundrum for them.

His brother is a 56 year old retired police sergeant. Until this appointment he was the assistant director of “parking” at a university in Richmond. But he is qualified to be an assistant Commissioner for the NYPD.

Bernard Adams, a 56-year-old retired NYPD sergeant, was appointed to the job, according to the New York Post last week. He currently serves as assistant director for parking at Virginia Commonwealth University, according to his LinkedIn account, where he has worked since 2011.

quoted from the article.

“Well… white people do it!! So we gotta get ours!”

He received 66% of the overall vote, carried every liberal district with 59%, or more, of the vote. In the wealthy liberal districts he carried over 70% of the vote. Only lost in conservative Staten Island.

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He wasn’t the liberal candidate in the primary.

He was the moderate pro police/law and order candidate.

Katherine Garcia was the technocrat and Maya Wiley was the liberal.

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So liberals held their nose and voted for him because he had a D next to his name.

Either him or a bufoonish right wing radio host.

So yeah.


poor white people will never catch a break in America.


who else are they going to vote for the person who is even more Conservative.

Pretty much how Biden got elected, not like people wanted him.

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Curtis Sliwa did score some points with showing how he is a cat person… not enough to carry him over the finish line though.

White supremacy seems to be the big crime wave they are experiencing atm in NYC. Hopefully his brother can uncover the members of the reich and save NYC.

I suspect that conservatives have given up on NYC. Maybe the burrows will pull a Buckhead and try to split from the rest of the city.

I suspect that will not happen.