It's not a conservative problem. It's not a liberal problem. It's a problem with adults showing maturity

There has apparently been some buzz floating around regarding Bush 43 and Ellen being seen sitting together at a Cowboys game. This is a video of Ellen’s comments regarding the comments that have spun from that. She is talking about how she has a lot of friends with very differing views, yet they are still friends. In the midst of all the name - calling, insulting, and everything else going around, this actually gives me some hope for this country.

I’m glad that someone is showing that adults can have very divergent views on topics and still be friends, even amidst a culture where someone might see someone with slightly differing views and yell something like “traitor!!!”

We could all take a lesson from this, and realize that we can disagree and still be friends. I think it is time for a revolution in America - one in which adults show the maturity to look beyond differences and work together.


Meh, It’s just two people in the same exclusive club hanging out together.


Ellen Degenerate to the social rescue, folks. If she can be friends with Bush, y’all can resist filling your hearts with frothy hate over Trump every chance you get. lol

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Right on cue.


The same Ellen who said Trump isn’t welcome on her show? That is who you are telling us should be a model for tolerating people who have different political views?


There are many here whom I politically disagree with but that I consider a friend. Now…I just hope it’s reciprocal? :sunglasses:

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Has nothing to do with political views. :rofl:

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Really? Because she seemed fine with him up until he ran for office.

Take Trump’s views and put them into a fully functioning human and you have half of my friends and family.

Take my exact views and put them in Trump and I still see a total ■■■■■■■■

It has zero to do with his politics and everything to do with his overtly narcissistic personality.


Wealth is a hell of a bubble.

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Earning it…is one hell of a learning journey regarding real life.

Its like, some people think acting like an immature child is funny or something…


It also gets you invited by Jerry Jones to sit in his person box at Dallas Stadium.

I have absolutely no issue with this. They’re two adult private citizens that can do whatever the hell they want.

Maybe she was fine with him until she found out he was a racist pervert along with the rest of us.

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It appears that if you are black and support Trump, you’re being treated terribly by those who don’t support Trump. The OP is right. Don’t be one of those people.

This thread helps prove her point.

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Nah, he changed from a fringe Hollywood joke/figure to a repugnant symbol of hate long before that, being the leader of the racist birther movement and all…

Yes - quite well. We’ve got to do better than this as a society.

Oh I disagree it is a liberal problem they’re the ones who always attack with insults and threats with no adult in sight.