It's gonna get good. Hold on to your seats

How the Chinese Communist Party infiltrated corridors of power: report

This is a tip of the iceberg. They ( liberal progressives) tried to pin the Russian collusion on our President. Now the real truth may be getting ready to come out.

This is either a b movie or we have a bunch of dumb ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ who have punked the American people and a bunch of Chinese Communist Party operatives running amuck.

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Is there a link to anything you’re talking about?

I’m interested but have no idea to what you’re referring.

Ok…gonna let us in on what you’re talking about?

Speaking of Russia, they just hacked a bunch of federal agencies.

Just like the hunter biden denial story. Someone will have egg on their face(s)

Yep, it will be an interesting 2021.

Well, some of these wacky conspiracy theories are already getting pretty interesting. We don’t have to wait until 2021 for that.

Sorry typo, “punked” the American people

Well my dear brother, we shall see. They tried to punk the American people with the Russian Collusion Story. Reverse operatives are getting sloppy.

Here’s the difference - that investigation actually produced indictments, plea deals, and prison sentences.

We shall see if this one has any such luck.

If you are wrong will you buy me a latte.

Oh you’re talking about the Hunter Biden investigation?

Um…it looks like the money laundering angle dried up almost immediately and they’re looking at tax evasion.

Worked to get Capone but it won’t uncover any secret conspiracies with China.


No but that is another example. Now if you are wrong, jay, will you also buy me a latte? I suspect a few of the chickens may come home to roost. If course I may have read the tea leaves wrong. All y’all were wrong about the dossier and russian collusion. This will be an interesting new year for the world in general and some developments may interest the District politics. Of course I may be wrong. Just some new year predictions

Have you got a link to a specific investigation or something here?

Swalwell really does need removed from Congress ASAP. He got Fanged.


Has it been shown that he’s given up any intel info??? If not, under what grounds should he be removed from congress?


Not about collusion between Trump and Russia to steal the election. But you knew that and still tried to deflect. Why?

Even when caught and shown to be guilty of serious crimes against our nation…an excuse will be made by those doing the prosecuting such as…“they didn’t intend to break the law”. Trump was the closest I’ve seen in my lifetime to cleaning the swamp but…the swamp critters are in there deep and most citizens observing are either too stupid to understand it or…just don’t care because it’s…their side?


lib narrative?

Four years later and you still believe a campaign one off slogan was a real thing.