It's August of 2020

I have a sneaky suspicion that their are some ghost in Bernie closet just waiting for the right time to come out and go Boo!!!

What a dreamer. :rofl:

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Look at the point of my post. You are asking would people care about Sanders visit to the Soviet Union in 1988. I suggested we treat equal examples form the right and left, you insist that only an action by Sanders be considered.

My response: liberals would care as much about Sanders being approached by the KGB as Trump supporters care that Donald Jr. was approached by the KGB during the last election campaign. Don’t you think liberals are as capable as coming up with nonsensical excuses and rationalizations as Trump supporters or do you think Trump supporters are in some way superior?

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I mean, what is the point of this OP?

So Dumpster has spent decades showing us what an awful human he is, and the Collective You are upset that some of us listened to him?

Maybe if the Collective You had listened to him all these years, there would be no need to write out intricate works of fiction depicting your opponent being as horrific as your hero.

But here we are.

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Great, and when Senator Sanders sees the ghost, he can deal with as he pleases.

Again, Bernie will not be the nominee.

So who do you think will be democrat nominee?



De Knucklehead Blasio?


Pocahontus is not running. She has been dead for 400 years.
In my opinion, the nominee will be either Warren or Biden. Harris and Buttigieg will have strong showings, but eventually come up short.

Who is Warren?

Senator, running for President.

Whatever happen to that O’Rourke guy?

I was thinking he was left-wing Saviour.

I guess he had falling out with God.

Well we would have to get him outta there now wouldnt we?

Your thinking was faulty

Why? It would give old Bernie more creds.

Hows that? It would be nothing short of treason

Ha, here’s your first problem. Being an ardent Trump worshipper, you don’t know who is really favorable in the Democrat side. You just hear what your CEC personalities tell you, and you believe them.


Oh look…more insults.

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Nuff Said is correct. Betos not a favorite. He might be bucking for a VP. Beto is like s Biden. Safe. Centralist. No positions outstanding. Boring White Politician.

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Why are they even on his Radar?

Is his name Pocahontas?


Or how about Knucklehead Blasio?

If not how did I insult NuffSaid?

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