It's August of 2020

And Bernie Sanders won the democrat primary and Russians provide solid proof/evidence that Sanders was working with their goverment during the Soviet era/period.

Would you want to know?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Documents, videos. audio etc of Bernie conspiring with Russian/Soviet spies.

Would you want that evidence?

Sure. Then I’d want to know if there are still ties or reason to be suspicious currently.

Won’t happen. Bernie will not be the nominee.

If it were the case, then Bernie would be forced to step aside and Biden or Warren take over, whomever was runner up in the delegate count.

If it were Trump, then his loyal subjects would triple down on how awesome Trump is. And Trump would continue on.


Does the Soviet government still exist?

Also, wouldn’t that make him a traitor since he was a secret agent? Maybe we should send him to the gallows.

I would like this hypothetical evidence…handed to don jr in a trump tower bathroom.

It’s so cute what you guys come up with.


It feels like a thread trying to justify Trumps comments and the don jr meeting.


I’m thinking a really good dossier to be had on Sanders.

Hmm who should we hire? :thinking:

What is the “soviet era/period?”

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I love these fever dream streams of consciousness.

But in the event that such information was mysteriously handed off to a campaign, I would hope they would hand it over to investigators to take a look at instead of playing footsie with foreign intelligence officials and then spending years lying about it.

Its April 2019, and the Special Counsel issues a report documenting 1) members of the current WH administration and campaign officials working with ex-KGB Putin’s Russia to acquire damning material on Trump’s opponent and 2) trying to curry favor with Putin’s Russia government in an attempt to proceed with development of a tower.

Would you care?

Of course not… it’s the mindset of today’s GOP… feckless. More interested in fantasizing about desperate scenarios rather than show concern towards this very issue uncovered with the guy they just put in office.


Why encourage this?

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We have a guy. In power. Right NOW who openly wants help from Russia and got some in the last election and you don’t give a ■■■■■ What’s the point of this?

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What if - just bear with me here - there was solid evidence that Obama was Kenyan-born, Clinton lured children into the basements of pizzerias, Sanders was present during the murder of Czar Nicholas II, and Biden was part of the plot to eliminate Christmas and replace it with “Festive Grope-mas.”

Would you leave Donald alone then?

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I think the American people should see this evidence even if it’s in the form of a Trump tweet that says these things are “totally true” as the proof.

First of all, your example makes no sense. Bernie Sanders was a New Leftist in his youth – folks who supported the Civil Rights movement and opposed the Vietnam War. Those folks had no sympathy whatsoever for the Soviet dictatorship.

If you want a real example, it would be Bernie’s sympathy for the Chinese Communist government of Castro’s Cuba. Far more likely to be demonstrated… much more the object of New Left romanticism. Besides, everyone on the New Left new, first, that the pro-Russian US Communist Party and more FBI agents in it than old believers, and, because it was dominated by the FBI and the Politburo in tandem, rejected all the fun aspects of that period – basically sex, drugs and rock and roll.

So come up with a realistic Bernie revelation. Put it side by side with the noiton that Putin, having grown weary of his White House puppet’s unpredictability, decides to release a tape of the puppet consorting with a group of Russian prostitutes.

So now we have equivalence on both sides. Do you think anyone other than partisans would care?

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Why do you need a hypothetical when you have the real thing in the White House right now.


Is that why Bernie went to Soviet Union back in 88?

What if he was approached by KGB?

What if they have him on tape condemning American and capitalist system?

What id he was willing to accept their assistance?

Would libs care?

Inquiring minds want to know. :wink: