IT'S ABOUT TIME: U.S. sending 1,600 immigration detainees to federal prisons

What other accused Federal lawbreakers are routinely allowed to roam free?

To my knowledge, none are.
Equal justice under law.

Long past time. Last I checked something like 80-85% of those who are released pending their hearings disappear never to be heard of again unless they get picked up by the law.

If you break the law you should be treated appropriately and this is appropriate.


Honestly, do they really need a hearing to determine if they’re here legally? If I’m required to show my ID on demand to prove I’m who I claim to be, why shouldn’t they also have to do the same?

If they make an asylum claim they have to be granted a hearing. One of the ways they have been overloading the system is by pretty much everyone who can is making an asylum claim thus the courts are backed up a couple of years or more.

“Immigration Activists” are now training illegals on how to frustrate and beat the system so they end up getting to stay.

If they stay long enough to pop out a kid they are here to stay pretty much no matter what unless they commit a felony that gets them deported.

Of course they do. You’re required to show ID on demand? Where do you live?

In the US. How about you?

I wonder if that ass chewing Neilson received is now paying off?

I have mixed feelings about sending detainees to federal prisons. A lot of these people have not committed a crime (other than entering the country illegally).

If we can build hospitals, roads and bridges in foreign countries, why can we not build a detention center? Have the hearings on-site?

On the other hand, what a shock for those expecting catch and release. This sends a strong message to those who would enter illegally and is hopefully a strong deterrent.

The crime is that Obama welcomed them, told them to come and break our immigration laws, that nothing would happen to them even if they voted illegally. They listened to him and came en masse. They followed bad advice.

And now, Obama is living the good life while these people are paying the price for his lawlessness.

Identity theft is a crime. Twelve people using the same social security number is a crime. Collecting benefits from the government that one is not eligible for under false pretenses is a crime.

Now mind you the media portrays “illegals” as solely people coming across the border from Mexico. We have illegals coming from many countries, mostly overstaying VISAs. Many Russian. Of course Mikchaelov doesn’t normally make the headlines like Pedro or Jose.

Lots of desert between Las Vegas and the border.

I’d be surprised in they were in with the general population. Not that the presence of any MS13 isn’t just as bad.

Given the cost of confinement and the dedication of some to try to thwart deportation we should maybe look into combining detention centers with the old prison farm concept.

This…I am in favor of. If you violate federal law…any federal law. There should be consequences…But you know that isn’t how it will go. There will be some liberals somewhere trying to work things into a frenzy how these poor immigrants ( Illegal Aliens) are being herded into federal prisons like Cattle to their slaughter.

Cry me a river. IF they are immigration detainees, I am guessing crossing the border illegally isn’t their only crime…right?

That’s brilliant. So all the convicted criminals will learn a second language and make it easier to get a job upon leaving prison!

A return to convict leasing? Hell no.

And if the election had gone otherwise we would instead be talking about organizations sending people to Central America to explain to them what they had to say to become a “refugee” and get a free ride, literally.

Oh, and that “minors”…you only needed one minor to send the whole family.

Exactly, It’s not like we can pick and chose which laws to obey…

Of course we can. I do, every day.

I don’t believe I addressed identity theft or collecting false benefits? If someone does that they should be locked up and I have no sympathy for them. I wash my hand without a second thought.

My heart does go out to the legitimate asylum seekers who are dismissed because those who are not have been coached. How to tell the difference?