It seems the democrat elitist snobs created a movement that they can no longer contain

Bi would rather be a commie elitist then a fascist but maybe it’s just me

Oooh! Good dilemma! That would be a great poll question!

How do moderates on either side of the spectrum do anymore?

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I it took less than a century to categorize those who fall along the Political spectrum with FDR as far left wing… but here we are.

James M Buchanan would be proud.

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It seems everyone not in lockstep with Donald is far left wing.

Who are these candidates with such crazy ideas? Based on the last 3 years, is there anybody that would vote for any of the top four, over Trump? Anybody (in their right mind of course :sunglasses:)?

Trump is a moderate. He’s about as centralist as they come.


That’s exactly what I’m asking. You don’t believe that Trump is an elitist snob?


Yes, I do. In fact I know he is.


I’m looking forward to the answer here.

This helps. Conan, can you please explain what you think communist means?

It seems some regard him as a true champion of the working class.

Or, you know - at least good for tweakin’ libz.

Doubt there will be an answer. But maybe.

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She wasn’t very moderate during the Kavanugh confirmation.



Warren as a communist?


“Fascist” is a very overused word.

Just use “gay butt edge edge“. Another poster finds it funny, of course that’s not how one pronounced it.

It’s pronounced “booty judge”