It seems the democrat elitist snobs created a movement that they can no longer contain

With total support for two commies (Bernie and Warren) out polling the top two tier of left-wing radicals (Biden and Buttigag or how ever you pronounce his name). And with dance Queen (Sneaks name for her) and other three haggles of hens going after their wealth, they created a movement that they can no longer contain.

As some point those commies will take over the democrat party from left-wing elitist snobs…or either elites retake the party back from commies. Either way I do not see any compromise between those two extreme elements.

This fraction between those two IMO cannot be repaired. Either the democrats snub those commies or the elites will have to trow them out. There cannot be any room for them to exist.

Going to be fun this election season…so enjoy the ride.

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Imagine if Warren decided to drop out the support that would go to Sanders, then they would definitely have to decide how far to the left they are willing to take the party.

Right now Warren is playing spoiler…she may very well be a Trojan horse. :wink:

Always good to get in depth rational political analysis from someone who doesn’t understand what a “commie” is or know the names of the actual candidates. This is the kind of top notch political knowledge I come here for.


Which one of the contenders is moderate on anything?

Biden is pretty moderate.

You’re typing his name. Why would you have to pronounce it right to spell it right…


Senator Amy Klobuchar.

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It seems these commies and snob liberal elites will fight for control of the Democrat party.

It seems commies are welcome among the American left.

It seems libs are out of touch with the Common Man.

It seems.

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Maybe that shows just ho far out of touch the left has become.

Right now libs have two choices. Extreme left and commies.

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What’s she moderate on? Socialized medicine, extreme gun laws… I’m not seeing much.

Yeah…and how she’s doing?


I’m curious… would you consider the President a “democrat elitist snob” since he’s a wealthy New York real-estate developer, who was previously a registered Democrat?

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It seems incredibly easy to classify one’s political opppnents as either/or, thereby enabling one to sidestep more complex realities and make bias confirmation infinitely easier in a simplified binary construct.

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This thread is between the commies and elites snobs…silly deflection to Trump isn’t going to work.

How do you define communism?

Well, to be fair he’s not a democrat - at the moment. Of course he seems awfully fond of changing parties whenever it is expedient for his business interests

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It seems Donald fits the definition of a leftist elitist snob rather well.


Does he? Strange.

Not leftist, but yes.