It’s time to stop defending Satan,

And yet, abortion will continue whether it’s legal or not…just like getting guns…

Who made modern Christians abandon Jesus’ teachings? Maybe look in the mirror first?

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For everyone? What do you think will happen then?

Kids living with their dads was also more common.

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What exactly is satan gonna do with a bunch of aborted fetuses?

You know if satan was real…

We as society became Godless.

And now “some” wants to disarm the people. I hate to think what Godless country would do to it’s people if they aren’t able to defend themselves.

Boring…and not even factual

They were not, at least not here in CA. We can thank the CA “Panther bill” for that.

God or the fear of ( in my opinion) an imaginary deity doesn’t stop me from shooting or commiting crimes 0_o

And then elected Donald Trump.

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Trump is symptoms of disease that libs had created.

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Nothing. It’s who aborted them that have to worry.

This is quite the tantrum you are having. What else do you want to lash out at?


People will have to fend for themselves as they always did before BIG Government stepped in with all their taxpayer funded social programs that are being taken advantage of especially by illegals.

Our American ancestors did it from those that can be traced back to the Revolution or back a Generation or two of legal immigration.

And fatherless.

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So more nothing…

Yeah…society doesn’t need male role models.

Well libs…it seems you gotten just what you asked for.

God forbid it should be cool to have two parents in the house. lol

Or have the ability to express their faith. :wink:

Dude, what if like… now hear me out here… what if like, fathers taught their sons value? :scream: