It’s time to stop defending Satan,

I think less abstractly.

A major problem is white nationalism is on the rise in the country.

Surely you must see that.

This terrorist does not live in vaacum.


Oh, you must mean the “family values, law and order” Republican party that Trump has destroyed.

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1,000,000+ abortions per year since 1975. Satan tap dances on your vacuum.


We always had availability of guns.

Raise of dependent on nanny state, lack of God and family play a role whether you can accept that or not.

It’s not my fault you need nanny state to take care of you, it’s not my fault that you’re Godless etc.

So don’t take it out on me…and deprive me of my freedoms, my rights etc.

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Does the EU have more or less of a nanny state than the US?
Is the EU more or less Godless than the US?

Could not decipher the gibberish in the OP so I am just going to assume it’s bait, like usual

Edit: Wait I see it is a copy of another thread title, except the OP just calls people satan worshippers. So yeah, bait

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it was posted so Rush can have his talking points tomorrow.


When i saw the thread title i was thinking Satan=Trump. Guess i was wrong.

Yea let’s go back to the good ole God fearing days where blacks and women couldnt vote

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Are you saying you can’t allow blacks and women to vote if you believe in God, family etc?

Is that what you’re telling me?

Don’t tell me you’re defending satanists… like the Dayton shooter

And Israel…a big time socialist country.

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Pretty much always gonna be abortions…since before recorded history. Women are gonna take control of their own bodies no matter what…kind of like people are gonna get guns no matter what.

I simply pointed out the incoherent nature of the accusations in this thread. I have never met or even know of “Satan worshippers”.

There sure are a lot of fatherless bastards going out and killing people lately huh?

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1 life is killed with the purchase of every abortion. The same can’t be said about guns.

Clinging to their guns and bibles, once again :joy:


Lack of education is one biggest problems with society. Like people don’t understand simple words like socialism and think it is same as communism or something. It too hard to type in I guess.

How about stopping welfare all together!

Guns were easier to get in 1970’s then today. There was just as many guns per population with slightly more households with guns.

So what changed?

Is Satan filling the void?

Last 60 years democrats controlled the house for 40 and senate for 38 and presidency for 28.

The democrats have taken control of our schools, our media, entertainment and attempting to take control of the internet.

Libs taken control of our society.

Who helped em? Are they doing the work of Satan?