It looks like the only casualites in the Iran response were Iranians

And 63 Canadians. So this is the country were are supposed to be terrified of? Good Lord, why? One response from us to them and all of their military capability would be eliminated.


“And a few Canadians”

Dude. Really?

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63 is more then a “few”

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Agreed. I changed my wording. I didn’t like the tone of it either after further review.


I re-worded it. Sound better?

Some response. lol

You’re right.

The dimocrats new besties in iran likely just killed 63 canadians.

What have the new besties said about it??

Wait. So in response to Suleimani’s killing by the United States, they shot down a Ukrainian plane full of Iranians and Canadians?

I think that the whole “Oops” thing when talking about innocent people dying is pretty crass.

Also the premise is ■■■■■■ up.

There is no doubt that the US would be able to best Iran militarily. But looking at the past couple of decades of war and occupation in the Middle East, the criticism of stumbling into a war with Iran is one of if it is of any value to the US.

Hint… it isn’t.


Canadian-Iranians would be more correct.

It was incomprehensible to me that commercial traffic was active at that time.


I guess we can shrug it off that innocent people were killed as long as they are Iranian.

Looks like dancing on a rooftop.


…and 14 missiles at the Iraqi US military complexes.

There were (at least) 56 fatalities at the funeral.

Not technically response related.


So if this is true…Canada is our ally and NATO partner…what now?

We support Canada’s response without hedge words.


Well that makes them more deserving of being killed I guess

The OP and thread seems to be laughing at innocent lives being taken.

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I’m aware. I’m wondering how we’re linking the airplane disaster to Suleimani. Other than the timing I don’t see how they’re related.

Why would you say that?

CJ pointed out that they were visiting relatives when people wondered why so many Canadians and no US citizens.


IMO as soon as Iran refused to give investigators the black box they admitted guilt.


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