It looks like Barrett

Single payer would send them home with an aspirin.

No win to be found here.


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What an odd response to my post about pre-existing conditions coverage being potentially lost by the 7,000,000+ that have tested positive for COVID, if the ACA is struck down in court.

Yeah, it’s just a super coincidence that they find certain new rights at precisely the same time as the public will swallow them without much complaint.

I know, democrats are the worst. Or do you think it being an unconstitutional law is Trumps fault?

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You don’t like aspirin and home rest?


I opposed the ACA from the beginning. I’m still waiting to see what kind of replacement plan Trump has to offer though. We are now over 4 years since he told us he had an entire healthcare replacement plan ready to go and implement on Day 1.

The only healthcare plan I want from the feds is no plan. Not an enumerated power.


When the VA is as good as the private sector…Then we can talk.


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Firmly held religious beliefs are not safe from political scrutiny. No more than any other convictions.

Maybe they should spend more time reading Two Corinthians.

They gotta go for something.

Actually, “Two Corinthians” is sometimes used by people who know the Bible. I have heard preachers use it more than once.

Just to clarify, I was joking.

Why does it need to go anywhere?

Where is the money for preexisting conditions coming from now?

There is no individual mandate money.

No it can’t.

Plenty of subsidy money though

From where?

Low and moderate income exchange buyers are subsidized by the fed.

Preexisting conditions. How are the insurance companies “recouping” that money?