It looks like Barrett

Anonymous WH sources say that Trump will pick Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace the deceased Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

If the Democrats keep the same strategy to defeat Barrett that they used on Brett Kavanaugh, get ready for a line up of fake rape victims pointing fingers at Barrett as a closet rapist. They may even harken back to their Clarence Thomas strategy and accuse her of being a porn addict.

It should be interesting.


I fully expect attacks on the Catholic faith, given past judicial appointment fights.

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She will be confirmed if nominated. I don’t know of any reason she shouldn’t be.


Online there will probably be all sorts of accusations. Democrats would be wise to stick to their unfairness line because of what the Republicans did before.
If they start attacking her, especially after Kavanaough, its going to look phony and they will loose whatever support they may have gained from their vicitimization.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Democrats boycotted the hearings altogether.

You must be joking

You must not have seen the Kavanaugh confirmation.


And that might alienate Latinos.

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So you are serious… my goodness.

Some were pushing her instead of Brett Kavanaugh. I said at the time Barrett would be perfect judge to replace Ginsberg. If this is the case I nailed it.

Now having said that I was also advocating for Raymond Kethledge. Still think he would have been better pick then Kavanaugh IMO.

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Why did they use it on Kavanaugh?

Schumer said “Nothing is off the table if the GOP moves forward with a Ginsburg replacement”
What do you think that means? Does “nothing is off the table” leave room for fake rape accusations?


Right on schedule, with bonus points awarded for leaping straight to “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

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I can believe that Trump would favor her over Lagoa. I heard that the campaign was pitching Lagoa because it would help Trump secure the Cuban vote in Florida. But I also read that Barrett wrote a op-ed where she hinted that she thought the ACA should be canceled.

I truly doubt Dems would pull a rape conga line on Barrett. (Or any female nominee.)

I expect an all out assault on her Catholicism though.

Not sure how that would fly, however, when just a short while ago the lib media were touting what a devout Catholic Biden is.

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No Justice, no peace.


Devout Catholic a joke, he stands for abortion on demand, and getting rid of the Hyde Amendment, and is insisting on resuing the Little Sisters of the Poor., charge them 70$ million a year unless they are forced to provide contraception/abortificients for employees. And he appointed a Vice-President nominee who said being a member of the Knights of Columbus is grounds for disqualification.


ACA isn’t going nowhere by vote at least. Once it’s the law of the land it’s next to impossible to get the votes needed.

Someone 30 years ago was dragged to a Black Mass by Amy. She made her eat unspeakable communions. Schiff has proof

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i’ll be happy with Barret, she’s solid and without the politics the best choice. I can only hope either Trump wins re election or the Senate stays GOP, or her stint on the majority will be short lived.

and give up their soap box? never. they’ll boycott the vote if mitch has the votes, may have to send the capitol police out to get them