It looks like Barrett

If it gets struck down by the Court… which it will on a 6-3 court… then yes it goes away. Along with the protections and services that everyone likes.

Once again with a more cruel and rent seeking system back in place the only play that is left is Medicare for all.

Striking down the ACA is the fastest way to get socialized health care.

Thanks Trump.


without the tax excuse Roberts used, ACA is unconstitutional, Roberts said as much in his opinion.


And everything about it gets struck down, including protections for ore existing conditions.

Welcome to Medicare for all after that.

you guys and your canards. the gop will quickly pass a pre existing conditions bill. if dems block it, Trump will do an EO requireing insurance companies to include it in coverage. aside from that insurers are not exempt from their customers demands

How does a pre existing condition bill get paid for?

How does a President decree something without the force of actual law?

Why would insurance companies keep “customers” that lose them money?

We would be back to the same problems we had in 2008. Back then the Republican solution was used. Turns out that that one is unconstitutional.

Fastest way to to get to Medicare for all is getting rid of the ACA.

I am looking forward to the irony that a criminal tax cheat has put three of the highest judges in the land in place.

Future historians studying this period will wonder if a huge joke is being played on them.

how is it paid for now? not by the aca. it just mandates it as part of coverage. there is no funding in the law to cover the provision.


loss leaders, public relations, marketing.

MFA ain’t happening

Because the law is still in place. The way that law got put into place was because there were things put into place either through funding conduits and the individual mandate that allowed the insurance companies to recoup the cost. The law gets struck down… guess what happens.

Which can be eliminated but has to be done in a non arbitrary way.

The Court didn’t rule that President Trump couldn’t get rid of DACA, but that the way he went about getting rid of it was wrong.

Loss leaders? They aren’t selling toys.

The fastest path to Medicare for all is a bunch of people ( a lot of them in rural areas) getting kicked off of health insurance.

During a pandemic and huge economic downturn where health care is tied to a job.

So yeah…

the law does not allow insurers to recoup losses for ever, what was going to happen when the funding for losses sunsetted anyway?

The decision on DACA is deeply flawed. If an executive action is unconstitutional, which DACA clearly is, under Marbury, the President is required to consider it void. The court sidestepped the constitutional issue, which by the same token, is averse to marbury. One of the worst decisions ever made constitutionally speaking. And precisely why we need a Barret on the court, Roberts is not a justice, he’s a ■■■■■■■ politician.

Marketing, they don’t have to make money on every sale, just the aggregate. That is in fact what insurance does. It loses money on big claims, but makes enough in overall sales to make up the difference.

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It looked phony when they attacked Kav.

Does she have any weakness for them to exploit? I have not seen anything. Adoption of 2 special needs children should be considered super power material.

Maybe she is good enough for Romney?


Pelosi was all about her Catholic Faith as she fake impeached…well before she flaunted the mask rules to get her flowing locks of hair touched up.

Are arrows in the quiver part of the Catholic doctrine?

She should be solid.


For clarification, she has adopted 2 children from Haiti, and has one natural born special needs child. Feinstein got on her because of her faith, ‘your dogma lives within you, and that concerns me.’ Because they think she thinks God’s law will override her following the constitution.

I am not a constitutional scholar nor am I an expert in the machinations of the SC; however I have a deep trust of the SC to ultimately make the right decisions.

I do not agree with every decision but I respect them.

Of course their own political beliefs influence their decisions but overall they look at the constitution and make their decisions based on that and not what the citizenry want or even the president that put them there.

Anyone who thinks Barrett will sweep in and overturn Roe vs Wade will probably be disappointed.


Long term thinking is passé in Trumpsamerica.

Pelosi is about as faithful to her Catholic faith as Biden…which is to say not at all.

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That’s my point in saying I think it won’t go well.

Going after her faith will probably cost Harris/ biden some votes.

I bet they go for it though. :roll_eyes:

Interestingly enough, over 7,000,000 Americans have tested positive for COVID. They all now have a pre-existing condition which could deny them coverage if the ACA is struck down in court. Talk about a double-whammy.

If that is all they have…It isn’t much and certainly not at all emotive.

Busted arrows.


Which makes a fight over Barrett appealing.

Perfect Perm Pelosi has a quiver of arrows…could get sticky.