It is now 4:00 pm EST - The Senate will vote on the two Articles of Impeachment shortly

Senate just recessed a moment ago, will reconvene as a Court of Impeachment shortly and proceed immediately to final votes on both Articles of Impeachment.

The Senate has been receiving statements from Senators all day today, concluding with Senators Schumer and McConnell just moments ago.

And yet we have known the final result for three years


Commencing the vote on Article I…

I would be surprised if more then 5 Republicans vote against their party

Gonna have to live with this one.

Do they tell everyone about their grave “concerns” as they kiss the ring?

Just reached 34 negative votes necessary to ensure acquittal on Article I.

Article I fails 48 guilty to 52 not guilty.

I wonder how many Dems will buck Pelosi and company?

Looks like none.

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Total vindication! :joy:

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On Article 1 -All Dems plus 1 republican voted to convict.

Has Schiff Molotov cocktailed the senate floor yet

That was the standard Trump and the GOP decided upon for the impeachment vote itself. :man_shrugging:

But it is historic as well. Never before has a member of the impeached President’s party also voted to convict them.

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And Trump would have been proclaiming it as bipartisan if one dem had voted to acquit.


The Republicans will rue this day, perhaps soon, perhaps later.

When a Democratic President assumes office and does something untoward, that President merely will need to tell Congress to **** off and die without any fear of retribution.


The Senate is now voting on Article II.

Indeed. This is truly a new low for our great nation and the Constitution, rule of law, and expectations of our government being capable of holding itself accountable.


Well, that’s dumb, lol. But par for the Trump/GOP course.

Sure. But some history is fairly meaningless. In this climate? It’s a pretty big meh.

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Many are already predicting this will incredibly increase the personal power of the President (Trump and ALL future Presidents) and render them 100% unaccountable.

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