It has begun, Minneapolis will disband its police department, what will come of this sociological experiment?

Well it looks like Minneapolis will be eliminating its police department, I wonder how many more liberal towns will follow? So who thinks this is a good idea? I know that from my experience as a teacher that to keep order in a classroom there had to be rules and consequences and a system in place to enforce those consequences. What I know from actual experience is that if consequences are not enforced then disorder and chaos were often the result.

It is dangerous to mistake rhetoric for policy.

Whatever actual policy comes from this, it will not include no law enforcement.

I knew that liberals operated out of emotion, rather than fact, but I never imagined that they were suicidal.

Who is going to enforce the laws? BLM? Antifa?

I feel like you might have missed the thesis of my post.

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Community based public safety programs is what I’ve read is being proposed. Not exactly sure what that means?

Well I’ve learned never to underestimate the stupidity of modern liberalism.

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No one knows what it means. That’s the point.

“Mexico will pay for the wall.”


It’s based on the philosophy that when people, in particularly non-white people, do bad things it’s a function of flaws in the system not the individual. Hence the emphasis on government and government programs.


There truly is nothing quite as entertaining than watching the right tell each other about what liberals really think.


I’m talking about the philosophy that drives modern liberalism not beliefs by individual voters.


And we should respect your personal insights into “liberal philosophy” because…

Tell us about your expertise.

Seems like they are eliminating the current one to rebuild a new one.


Clearly, the department has been broken for some time. Maybe it’s easier to just start over rather than try to fix it at this point.

Then scroll through all 10 of the “isn’t that public safety” things . . . This is what is being proposed. This is what’s going to “save” us. How many people in each communnity are going to “volunteer” for these duties? Who is going to train them “properly”. How many lawsuits will the cities have when the “de-escilation” doesn’t work and their volunteers are killed or in the hospital?

Weird. You say that like there hasn’t been a thing called “Neighborhood Watch” for years. Tell you what, I trust my neighbors to have my back a hell of lot more than a bully with a badge who pulls people over for no reason.

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Obviously you didn’t read through them. It goes well beyong neighborhood watch. And it would be your opinion they pull people over for “no reason”.

I read them. You must have ■■■■■■ neighbors.

And no it wouldn’t be my opinion. It’s literally the law that they should witness an infraction before pulling someone over. It’s not legal to pull someone over and then make up a reason for.pulling them over after. Happens all the damn time though.

Lets just take the first one. Guy looking in car windows going down the street.

Trained in self defense and de-escilation. How many people in YOUR neighborhood have that training? Next question – what number will you call to find out what “volunteer” is able to respond – or will they actually be paid and full time? If your a visitor to the neighborhood . . . . how do you know what number to call? What happens to this person trained in self defense if the person looking in car windows is armed and doesn’t give a ■■■■ about the person you’ve called?

My neighbor is armed. I’m armed. We also don’t stand idly by while someone who obviously doesn’t live here goes rifling through others property. Sounds like the people in your neighborhood do though. So again, sounds like you have ■■■■■■ neighbors.