It appears the long-awaited FISA IG Report is coming soon... Predictions?

Various news sources are reporting that IG Horowitz has completed a draft of his report and submitted it on Friday to the DoJ for classifications and redactions.

Following that, the report will be further circulated for comments and accuracy, and two final drafts will be created - a classified version and a public version. At that point, the public report will be released to the public, and the classified report will go to Congress.

Over the last 18 months, many predictions as to what the report will contain have been posted here, each with varying levels of inanity. I thought I’d start this thread to collect all the predictions posters are willing to share as to the contents of the report.

Will the “deep state” finally be taken down? Who is going to jail, and who isn’t? For what crimes?

Or will the report be a dud? Will Horowitz join the “deep state” in the eyes of the right?

I’m leaning towards the latter option, but I guess we’ll see.


I’m leaning toward the latter option as well. There will be plenty of “didn’t follow rules/proper procedures”, but no indictments.

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I’m looking forward to all people being cleared. If no one did anything wrong then this clears the way for trump to order spying on all the dimocrats.



I predict everyone will find what they want in the report and keep shouting at each other.

Many people will write “Read the report.”

Any convictions if achieved, will be followed by Felicity Huffman like sentences and those convicted will be lionized by their supporters.

New England will win the Super Bowl.


That last part was completely unnecessary, Sir.



Hey, I never said I was rooting for New England to win, only that it seems a likely possibility.

If that qualifies for a ban, so be it.

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The derp state will protect its own people, of course.

Everything is a question of definition (!)
I can imagine that advocating open borders, sanctuary cities, a justice system which favor criminal illegals who commit crimes against American citizens especially in states/cities led by liberals and standing for/supporting a lot of other aspects which are directed against Americans, could be very well interpreted by many Americans as

adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

maybe even

levying war against them

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Its not but keep pretending it is.

you straight up suggest taking up arm against the government which is treason.


It is a matter of interpretation, not definition.

More importantly, your interpretation is irrelevant.

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You cannot have the public knowing that our top law enforcement, intel agencies and CIA attempting a coup against our president.

The people must not learn the truth.

It will undermine the entire institution. Therefor nothing will being it to level of prosecution. They will admit wrong doing and that is as far is it will go.

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so Trump is part of the deep state now?

I’m expecting Hilary and Obama on trial in Guantanamo, child sex slaves freed from pizza parlor basements across the country, the return to the gold standard, JADE HELM, and some guy named Huber riding a pale horse.


CanadianJudo, this only a discussion about a hypothetical civil war scenario. Your empty slogans like “you hate freedom” are childish and totally irrelevant

Your talking about a hpyoteical civil war to install yourself as sole power in government, that is hating freedom.


There is no civil war scenario. At most you’re talking about a few conspiracy theorists who would be put down with little effort

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What if a poster from Yemen or Iran or Afghanistan was saying what he was saying. What’s the difference? I don’t see one. I just see a threat.


No scary Muslim name

Take a look at the socialists involved in a permanent class struggle fight to recognize the real threat, not only for USA, but for the entire west and our civilization

Thankfully, no one around here has the same opinion as yours.