Issues with Quote Function

Seems when I search for multiple links, and find them, then submitting, a question of where to reply shows up, something like “topic” ir “reply here”.

Seems no matter which one gets chosen, the post shows up without a reference to which poster is being quoted. What is the appropriate choice so it’s clear which poster is addressed?

You’ll have to give me an example.

I was quoting Scratch in this post:

I edited. See if that helps.

I highlighted scratch’s original post, hit quote, then copied, edit your post, then pasted in the first part of your post.

To quote another user’s post on direct reply to them, click the quote bubble circled in red before you begin your reply. Then post below.

To quote a portion, highlight the selected material you’d like to quote, then click “quote.” It will drop it down in the reply box, and you can begin your reply.

You can do this when parsing a post as well. Just make sure you leave two spaces between the quoted material and your reply.

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[quote=“Janet_Miller, post:1, topic:239349”]
Seems no matter which one gets chosen
[/quote]Otherwise it will do this.

An example of parsing.

Like this

And so


It’s against tos.

If you select the reply at the bottom of the page, it will just reply to the thread.

Selecting reply at the bottom of each post here

will give you a redirect in your post unless it directly follows the post you’re quoting, but it still gives that poster you quoted an alert that you quoted them.

Thank you very much for this. Helped a lot!

Please remember to not change the meaning of their post when parsing.