Islamic State ‘Beatles’ Jailers Are Charged in Abuse of Murdered Hostages

My previous thread on the subject. Soon was not quite as “soon” as I thought, but here they are. :smile:

Thanks to the families of the victims for keeping the pressure on the government to bring the defendants to the United States for trial, instead of to Guantanamo Bay. The families can now get swift justice in the Article III Courts.

The death penalty has been waived, with the approval of the victims families, in order to gain Great Britain’s cooperation in the prosecution and to avoid any problems with either Great Britain or Europe.

Link is to the Justice Department’s press release. The defendants are being tried in the Eastern District of Virginia. They are facing almost certain multiple life terms, likely to be served out at ADX Florence.

I predict that the left will use the transfer of these animals to the US as an example of Trump hating Muslims… never mind that travel from predominantly Muslim countries that cooperated with our homeland defense authorities, including the country with the largest Muslim population were never targeted for travel bans.

I predict that representatives of the Left will try to defend these murderers, demand that they be given US constitutional rights, and that whatever they might have done… the victims had it coming because as Obama’s mentor cried “CHICKENS…COMING HOME TO ROOST” .

There’s another thread already.

I see. You all think the US justice system is “swift”?

I see… just as I predicted . You want the US constitution to protect these vermin.

That is actually a year old thread. I posted a newer thread a while ago.

Actually, the families of the victims wanted the defendants brought to the United States, so that the defendants would get justice before the eyes of the victims families.

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The statement from the families that I read said they wanted them brought here to “face the full power of American justice”.
And yet, we take their deserved punishment of death - the harshest full power of our justice system - off the table?

And don’t give me the ole… “imprisonment is worse than death” balony.

They took the death penalty off the table to secure the extradition.

If we didn’t they weren’t gonna be sent here.

I may agree with your sentiment, but look at the context. They’re Islamic militants that WANT a martyr’s death - life in a supermax denies that entirely.

Yeah well that’s how it’s written.

We should have started a rumor that they had information on Bill and Hillary Clinton’s activities. American justice would have found them.

Oh yeah… heard that one before too. But I disagree. I believe in a hereafter. And in that hereafter, they will discover that there is no good reward waiting for them.

So what they want and what they would actually receive are not the same thing.