ISIS re-emerges in Iraq

"The militants are now more skilled and more dangerous than al-Qaeda, according to Lahur Talabany, a top Kurdish counter-terrorism official.

“They have better techniques, better tactics and a lot more money at their disposal,” he said. “They are able to buy vehicles, weapons, food supplies and equipment. Technologically they’re more savvy. It’s more difficult to flush them out. So, they are like al-Qaeda on steroids.”

“We see the activities are increasing now, and we think the rebuilding phase is over,” said Mr Talabany, who heads the Zanyari Agency, one of two intelligence agencies in Iraqi Kurdistan.

A different kind of IS has emerged, he says, which no longer wants to control any territory to avoid being a target. Instead - like their predecessors in al-Qaeda before them - the extremists have gone underground, in Iraq’s Hamrin Mountains."

Welp. What now? There’s something like 15-20,0000 ISIS fighters left in Iraq and Syria, and they’re going back to an Iraq-war style Insurgency, except with more expertise and resources available to them than Al Qaeda et al ever had.

And one wonders they are getting the cash flow from, assuming it’s not leftovers from the Caliphate.

Doesn’t look like taking out Baghdadi has slowed them down much unfortunately.

The junior varsity strikes again. Obama was an idiot for allowing ISIS to grow into the Caliphate.

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There is an endless supply of potential ISIS fighters from all around the world. All countries should ban them from ever returning…period. The next time a ruthless dictator takes over and keeps ISIS in check because they are more ruthless than ISIS, leave the dictator alone. The problem you create is bigger than the one you’re trying to solve.

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$1.7 billion in cash on pallets will fund a lot of jihadist activity and caliphate reparation.


So Trump says he destroyed ISIS.

But it’s Obama’s fault that Trump lied about that.

That sounds about right…


Somewhere at an undisclosed safe house in Iraq, Jihad Jerry is splashing around in the water having a gran ol’ time with his new American friends, discussing the where’s and how’s.

The first sentence from the article:

There are growing indications that the Islamic State (IS) group is re-organizing in Iraq, two years after losing the last of its territory in the country.

In Trump’s first year ISIS lost all the territory they had gained in Obama’s 8 years and the money BO sent has enabled them to “re” emerge.

Whack-a-mole with goat rapers.

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So…as I said…Trump said he defeated them…it’s Obama’s fault he lied.

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Which is why we should stop claiming we can defeat them.

I’m not sure that’s going to cut it.

This isn’t the the Taliban, they’re not going to brutally rule over their own region and stop there.

We didn’t exterminate them we defeated them. Nothing false in that statement. We can not control if they decide to do it again, many examples in history of that.

They aren’t moving to take and hold territory.

They weren’t defeated, unfortunately. They adapted instead.

What’s the solution though? Not sure ignoring them is an option.

Why not ignore them?

There is no “solution”. We keep whacking the goat rapers.

Saddam was who I was referring to…

Because they will de-stabilise the region.

All fun and games until they’re in Pakistan trying to get their hands on nukes.

I am aware, but simply stripping all ISIS recruits of their former citizenships isn’t going to do jack ■■■■■

It took US intervention by arming and backing the Kurds to get ISIS on the retreat.

That is just a complete fabrication. What the heck do you think they were doing when they wanted a Caliphate? They can not do that because they were defeated.

The only thing correct in that statement is they adapted.

Do you believe Germany was defeated in WW1?

Who cares?