Is Trumpism killing America?

Heard a commentator ask that question today and I have to agree that it is. Since Trump’s election, we’ve seen the new rise of white supremacists and also hate crimes on the rise. This is not the America of John McCain, rest his soul, and it’s all because of Trump. Hopefully it’ll end sooner rather than later.



yes yes yes and yes.




America is stronger than Dumpster Donnie.

This too shall pass.


I agree that America can survive this imbecile. However, I do legitimately fear some of the long term damage that is being done by him and his cult. Most significantly the attempts to damage the faith and respect for our Law Enforcement institutions.


I’d have to agree with this assessment. The US has survived a lot of problems over the years, including an actual Civil War. We are at a low point now to be sure, and this era will likely leave damage that will be visible for some time to come - but I have faith that the nation will survive this storm.



At least that stuff is out in the open. It will backfire. Sometimes stuff like that takes years to play out. But a decade from now, people will be denying that they were ever doing that crap. It will look so ugly in retrospect.


If you believe America is truly being killed then Trump, sure why not. He’s the all purpose whipping boy after all. Of course the other choice would be to ratchet down the hyperbole but I’m just throwing that out there

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I’m more concerned about the attitudes that Trumpism is fostering like the racism and complete lack of caring for the other guy. I hope that we as a nation will put this Trump ■■■■ behind us completely at the soonest moment. Trump is a small man. America is a better nation than he is.

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Well of course America won’t “die”, but there has certainly been normalizing of many things that will have a lasting impact.

No, not America. It might kill the old school Republican party, though. Hopefully it’s just a phase, like the whole t-party nonsense. It’s reaction to being out of power. Once you’re in power, people tend to calm down, and reflect on how they got there. Democrats will eventually take power again. The important thing will be how Republicans react to that. Do they go the Trump route again or not?

You mean do they react to the Democrats taking power in the same way that Democrats have reacted to the Trump Republicans taking power?

Which is how? Calling Republicans out for electing an awful human being like Trump? What’s wrong with that?

You act as if the election of Trump by republicans is a normal thing. As if people should just accept this as fine and good. It’s not.


It has certainly lowered our standards for the highest office

It exposed moral frauds, that’s for sure.

Don’t be so melodramatic. We get a chance to impeach the sitting president every 4 years. 4 years is to short of a time to destroy a country in the macro.


I’m not overly worried about the imbecile. If I have any concerns at all, it is for the imbeciles who voted for the imbecile.


True, I’ve never seen so many whackjob conspiracy theorists in my life since fat donald was elected.

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It is. Republicans win. Lefty Dems have tizzy fit. All normal.

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