Is this the ultimate reason behind the woke war on police?

There is always a hidden agenda with the wokies. They are not the loving, caring people that they claim to be. They show no actual sign of this being the case. They are sneaky as ■■■■

So what’s the end game? If the wokies can destroy local police departments and the cities turn into total third world hell holes what next? There will be a bloodbath and the citizens will demand help.

That help will arrive in the form of federal officers. This is an effort to federalize all law enforcement. Which would make Biden or Kammy the Chief of police. Make no mistake about that. That’s the goal.

Dead black people illegally killed by police doesn’t indicate wokeism.


There always needs to be a boogeyman when one can’t run on policy.

True. But we have an expectation that law enforcement be perfect every time. Zero mistakes. We also expect that 100 percent of people in law enforcement be good people. None of these expectations can ever be met.

But in general police do a tremendous job under some of the most difficult conditions imaginable. It is almost statistically impossible for them to be as good as they are. Most of us could not do what they do. We should show more appreciation for all they have to put up with. They don’t deserve the group character assassination they ae getting. Nobody ever hated the cop who pulled their daughter out of a car wreck and gave her CPR. Or went home crying when it didn’t work.

Can you agree with this?

I sense “well regulated militias” in our near future.

The police are killing tens of thousands of Blacks each year…right lib?

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This is why I don’t believe y’all when you say police need to be reined in.

You kept up the George Floyd was murdered thing and it was a tragedy for months before switching to it was an overdose and he died of non knee related hypoxia and it wasn’t really a crime even if he was killed by Chauvin. Not falling for it again.


Good luck finding many who say Chauvin was wrongly convicted. I was appalled when I first saw the video. Still am. I have remained totally consistent. As have most people.

Doesn’t matter how many but why it happens.

That is why DOJ is running a practice and pattern investigation on the Minneapolis PD.

Has nothing to do with wokeism.


“Wokeism”, whatever that even means, is just another boogeyman.

Do you believe police are killing thousand of Blacks each year?

Since you don’t know what is here’s an example. But make no mistake. We have no interest in convincing woke libs of anything. We are only interested in resisting. So take it or leave it. We don’t care which.

Mandalorian star Gina Carano is fired from the series over Instagram post | Daily Mail Online

These fine folks do.

They say their race is the target of genocide, and we should have a civil war to sort that out.


I would say of these people. Go ahead, show some leadership. Quit whining and start killin crackers. Watcha waitin for? Somebody to do it for you? MOVE!

Long as I get paid, I’m happy. :man_shrugging:

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Sad…it’s what the media wants. They’re willing to sacrifice Blacks to achieve their political aim.


I know plenty of meth heads that might accidentally get caught in some crossfire. Win-win. :wink:

They’re ■■■■■■■ morons.

The vast majority of black murder victims are killed by other black people. Same goes for the white community and every other racial community.

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It’s what the left-wing media did to em…and they have the balls to accuse us of racism? Libs preyed on Blacks emotions to get what they want.

All I’m saying is, a civil war could get rid of a lot more problems than just racists. :wink: