Is this the social justice that all you libs talk about?

I just find it odd that with all the talk of social justice that libs like to preach…I’m just wondering if this is what you all were referring too?

People enjoying a peaceful night out whole it’s still nice out supporting a local business that was hit hard and ten bunch of democrat social warriors comes and disrupted their evening and destroyed that business?

Is this your plans for our government if and when you retake power?


Looks more like their plans for when Trump gets reelected.


I’m starting to think it’s their plan either way. It’s new norm for social justice warriors.


it’s good that people see what the left does now


It seems this is now acceptable behavior from our left-wing friends/radicals…imagine what they will find acceptable once they take power.


I wouldn’t trust Ian Miles Cheong. He has a huge history of manipulating media and plagiarism. He did it again today.

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So I’m not really seeing what I’m seeing in that video I posted?


My advice is to find a better source. You have been shown. You cannot trust this one or go ahead and trust a person proven to lie over and over again. Lol.

I see…I should wait until Alantic or CNN post something about it for it to be legit. Is that what you’re saying.

Don’t libs find it odd that they won’t believe a video of actual property being destroyed but believe in unnamed sources?

Which is more reliable? Actual video of event taking place or unnamed source?

Hmm…that might make a good poll ow that I think about it.

A criminal action was committed by a few people in the crowd. Those criminals should be punished. Pretty simple.

All I am saying is that the person you are using as evidence manipulates video for fun to get people upset. So feel free to keep using him and falling for his act. He already lied about activities there today. But if you want to believe him, go at it. You have been warned about good old Ian.
My advice is too see if there is a better source out there that confirms it. I am not saying it happened or it didn’t happen.

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Seems to be a common fall back position…it was only few people.

If this is social justice that libs claiming to be…why would American people want em in power?

Give us a reason…


And libs have already lied their asses off about unnamed sources but yet…

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Not really. But whatever you need to feel better.


Yes really…

LOL. Last I checked this is all happening under Trump’s watch.

Some of my initial thoughts is that the Second Amendment is more important today than ever. Be prepared to defend yourself and your family from your fellow (liberal) Americans.


Funny how libs believe in unnamed sources but refuse to believe actual video of restaurant being destroyed and it’s customers being harass, threaten and chased away in with actual video.

Tell me what kind of logic is that…inquiring minds want to know.

Do you not understand that video can be manipulated? Join us in 2020. I do not understand the outrage of being urged to use a source that doesn’t have a history of changing video as recently as this morning. Lol.

Where is that angry little girl shaken fist meme?