Is this the social justice that all you libs talk about?

But yet you have no problem of believing unnamed source…which have lied to you in the past.

Don’t libs find that odd?

Exactly! More hypocrisy. Try explaining that it’s only a fraction of the police that are a problem.

I think you don’t understand how unnamed sources in journalism work. You do know that the journalists know who the sources are right? It’s very important that you understand that.

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Every mainline Christian church has social justice as a basic tenet.

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Precisely. In this case it’s being done night after night for months upon months. But it’s only couple people.

And to think those social warrior want the power of our government?

no thank you. :wink:

I understand all too well…well enough that you can’t pull that BS over me…understand?

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That’s nice.

None of those people in the video are running for office. I wouldn’t support any of them.
The Dem candidate has already condemned the violence and distructuon nd has called for it to end.
The current President has called counter protestor who show up as a means of escalating as “true patriots”

We haven’t seen wide scale civil unrest in this country like this for 50 years. Trump America is in a terrible place.

We def need a leader who can help end this and not keep escalating with his words and threats of a violent crack down, which leads to even more escalation.

Civil unrest in multiple cities does not end with a physical only response. It must be combined with a de-escalation plan, a condeming of violence on all sides, and a peaceful way to hear and voice their complaints.

Wide scale civil unrest is yet another result of Trump’s America to which he has no answers and seems to only escalate at every turn. A change is needed.

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So tell me libs…which carry greater weight…actual video of event taken or hearsay and unnamed source?


the left and democrats dont exist in actual reality they exist in their narratives. thats “reality“ to them


They’re your people…They’re the ones that Biden is catering too and represent.

As for civil unrest…why is it just libs?

Aren’t they happy living here?


Or reality that their master painted for em…which I’m thinking is more the case here.


Everything you have said is false.
Biden has condemned them already.
It’s not “just libs”. In fact, most of the people rioting are not part of the political system at all, which is why they are rooting.

Am I happy living where? I’m the US? I love my country which is why I’m working hard to save it and not simply spew more hate and division like the current leader of the country.

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Was that before or after BLM paraded down the street chanting “Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground” Oh no, wait, that was in Manhattan. Never mind, BLM is peaceful, my bad.


Where is the “this is all happening under Trump’s watch” meme? :joy:

Biden condemned the anti-America, Marxist group Black Lives Matter?

Biden condense everyone who is participating and escalating the violence and rioting regardless of the cause

Which is better then the current president who has openly encouraged the approved of the violence if they support him

All you had to do was say NO. Biden has not condemned them, he just condemned generic nothing burgers and leaves you and the media to assume he called out the groups of antifa and BLM

Here you go Joe “You know the thing” O’Biden, condemn blm for this at least. Will he? Hell freaking no he won’t.


That’s exactly what their brand of “social justice” is all about.