Is This the End of "No Collusion"


Everyone on here needs to dispel the notion right now that any conservative will admit they were wrong or help undo Trump. That’s now how we’re going to win.

Even the supposed “critics” are going to be with Trump to the very end and will privately vote for him again while claiming to be “no fan of the Orange Maniac.”

Cults are hard to break apart because people have wrapped up their self-worth in a figure head and don’t want to feel bad about themselves again.


Well done. You will not get a rational answer to this post.


So, if Manafort didn’t say it to you personally, then it never happened?


I see wall.


Astonishing. Lol


Very good observation. I’m not a fan of it though. But I get why they do it also.


willinfull ignorance when provided with overwhelming evidence otherwise is not bravery.


But that didn’t use the exact words, “I, Paul Manafort, admit to passing internal polling data to known Russian intelligence officer Konstantin Kilimnik.” So it never happened. Lol


Hey, John Gotti had people defending him until his death. Vernon Howell (David Koresh) still has living Branch Davidians who think he was Christ.

It happens.


The Peek defense




Would this be a good time for me to go back and read the posts I bookmarked?


It saves them a lot of lawyer’s fees.

Indeed, the AP is even more upfront about it. Their style guide (and it’s available publicly) is literally titled, Associated Press Stylebook And Libel Manual. The whole back of the thing addresses the law regarding slander and, especially, libel.


Yes, it is. And I will go one step further: This is why Trump is addressing the nation tonight- hoping to deflect from this bombshell. He knew it was coming today.


Why would Trump need a deflection? The Manafort story isn’t even posted on the Fox News Home Page. Their lead is a piece ragging on Jim Acosta.


The hilarious part was that this reveal was inadvertent…

Just the tip…I will say this at least Peek has guts…I dont see any other Trumper in here…


Hey everybody! We got a reader over here! GET HIM!!


I knew it! They even have a manual telling them how to be liberal!! Witch Hunt!


This whole stupid argument started with Don jr. attacking the Clinton campaign for accusing Russia of hacking. Nothing but a massive, heaping, decaying pile of lies one after the other since.


My bad. I shouldn’t have let that part out. Oh, well. You might as well know, too, that at the initiation, you take the oath with your right hand on a copy of Rules for Radicals and your left hand on a photograph of Jane Fonda.

Not the Barbarella Jane Fonda. The Jane Fonda at a North Vietnamese AA gun.