Is This the End of "No Collusion"




That’s what kills Trump voters. They want all of Trump’s crimes dismissed and they can’t stand investigations that are thorough or that take time.


If you’re happy with “putin’s puppet” running our country, then who am I to stop you.



Enjoy it while he lasts. The powers of the executive are protecting him now. Once he’s out of office, it won’t be the same as it was.


You’d think loyal patriots like mueller wouldn’t want “putin’s puppet” running our country.

Guess bobby doesn’t love America.


Atta boy. Attack the American patriot who has given more for this nation than Cadet Bone Spurs could ever dream of. Fascinating. Lol


I don’t think Trump is a Putin puppet.


Manafort plead guilty. His legal team’s line of defense is that he forgot that he shared that data, which is why he lied to the FBI… not that he never shared the data. His own legal team isn’t even trying to hide the fact that the data was shared with the Russian.


Giuliani isn’t denying the data were shared either, just insisting it was not a criminal act. This thread was opened to discuss what the Trump defense would retreat to, now that “no collusion” is basically unusable.


A really good thread from Mr. Mariotti regarding the Manafort issue.


Do these stream of non sequiturs have a point. Other that you being very nervous about the future of the Trump presidency.


This guy confessed.


The Times has a rule imposed on all reporting that until a person is convicted by a court of law, they are described as an “alleged” perpetrator. This prevents libel suits against the paper and is consistent with the Constitutional presumption of innocence.

I have not followed this kidnapping case closely and I have no idea whether the alleged perpetrator in this case is “obviously” guilty… he may be. But consider the Central Park Five case in New York in which five teenagers all confessed and were sent to jail, only later to be cleared by DNA evidence. Totally different case of course, but a case that makes one leery of confessions until all the facts are considered.



I made that point earlier, including references to the NYT and AP styleguides, but someone keeps bringing up the word “alleged” as though it is predicated on some element of innocence.

Thank you for amplifying the lesson. :slight_smile:


Manafort shared data.For who Trump ?or Hillary?And if Manafort did so what.Witch hunt.Look at all the corruption on the hill are u kidding me


Well-written missive.


Your idiotic trolling aside, the wheels of justice are slow. There’s nothing Mueller can do except his job. This isn’t an episode of Matlock.

If you’re in a rush, ask your congressman and Senator to impeach Trump now!


I’m way ahead of the curve. I said impeach him nearly two years ago.

If it were proven true.

Seems some people don’t mind "putin’s puppet"running the country for that long.

At this point, what difference does it make?


Aren’t you bored by your own repetitive posts by this time?


Don’t mind? If course many people mind, but it takes a lot, by system design, to undo what’s been done by Trump’s stupid voters.