Is This the End of "No Collusion"


That lib, Judge Napalotano, said this falls into conspiracy category.

But what does his know?


It’s been proven that many people lied about their contacts with russia. Many have admitted.


Everyone knows trump is a liar and a crook and worked with the russians. The folks here just won’t admit it because they feel that would be a betrayal to their favorite radio and TV shows. They want to stay in the club.


Yes, the crime is conspiracy in the Federal Penal Code, not collusion. There is no such thing as collusion in the code.

This is why, from the beginning, Trump and Friends always said collusion.


Worked with…no

Worked for…yes


My initial question was what’s the new defense now that “no collusion” has collapsed. I like “Worked with, not worked for” although it is tantamount to an admission of conspiracy.


At this point, thread base case scenario is that trump was so incompetent as manager as a leader that he did not pay attention how many of his underlings for dealing with Russia including his own family. That is the best case scenario and it’s not a good one worst case scenario is he willingly cooperated with the Russian State apparatus


I heard the incompetence scenario from Rush while driving today. I cannot imagine Trump would cop to that. I can hear him now, “No one knows more about colluding with Russia than I do!”


Of course he was willing to work with the russians. He wanted to build a tower there, he probably borrows money from them, we know for a fact, russian money was pouring into the Trump org - eric told us this - most likely to launder money stolen from russian citizens.

We all know this. Even the trump supporters. It’s impossible not to know it.

But the employer has no clothes. As long as their is money to be made defending him.

And that’s the difference between today and the nixon era. the GOP felt they needed to do the right thing because there was no free advertising generating RW media standing behind Nixon, who would deliver to them a voting block and help them get re-elected.

Today there is.

So until RW media abandons trump, his base, and the GOP writ large will not.


trump claimed today he didn’t;t know anything about Manafort sharing poll data.


He probably did not know about everything, no CEO does. But the CEO sets strategy and the cultural tone and is responsible for how vision is pursued. How much better for America if team Trump is not guilty, but our judgment has been coarsened by years of people insisting that conspiracy theory = guilt.


Soon, the deniers of Trumps collusion will be going the way of other deniers.


You would think after being burned by birtheirism, and email-gate, and benghazi, and countless other things that RW media right flat out got wrong, people would question these things.


There’s a classic study called “When Prophecy Fails” written in 1956 by Leon Festinger Henry (I think) Reicken and Stanley Schachter that followed and end of the world cult through the date when they predicted the end. The cult members were facing a fairly strong disconfirmation on the day after (for those of you borne subsequently the world did not end in 1956) but what the scientists observed was cult members doubled down on their beliefs, reasoning that their actions to prepare for the end of the world were the reason it did not happen.

We still have people arguing that the Confederacy was a noble cause one hundred and thirty plus years after the war to end slavery… so I have no doubt we will continue to hear about Benghazi and the “phony” dossier as long as we care to listen.


The culture of Trump. Ask Cohen.


You got him now.

Keep issuing those corrections to the smoking gun stories.

Any day now.


Glad to see you finally agree.


Very well laid out, thank you for taking the time to hi-lite this information.

Clearly Manafort was in contact with a foreign government while working with then-candidate Trump.


The wheels of justice grind turn slowly in our system; one in which restraint is exercised and rights are (usually) respected. The dictatorships that our President finds so attractive tend to be able to dispense with legal matters more quickly.

Today’s news brings reports that a group of Ukrainian oligarchs with close ties to Russia attended Trump Inaugural Balls – the expensive ones where Trump showed up. The guest list included one of the two Ukrainians who received the internal polling data the Trump’s campaign manager provided to a Russian contact. It’s all circumstantial of course, but as prosecutor once told me (when I was on Grand Jury duty), prosecutors love circumstantial evidence because it is much harder to refute than eyewitness or expert testimony.


All that and trump is still your president.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for Bobby’s Big Reveal!! Until then, “putin’s puppet” gets to declare national emergencies and whatnot.

Better get crackin.