Is this ok for children?

Not quite the same as kids singing about President Obama but here we have kids “building a wall”.

I’d say showing respect for the presidency is ok by me. Having them show support for a specific policy seems a bit “off”. It would be more objectionable if it were at school.

Not a big deal, just wanted to hear what everyone thought.

Gotta teach them young to live in fear of the invading hoards…


Not good.

But libs! Both sides!

Oh we were horrified they claim.

“Horrified. We were horrified,” said a person who was there and requested anonymity to avoid professional retaliation.

It’s fine by me. Kids are allowed to have and voice an opinion. I don’the understand why Yahoo is getting up tight about it. As the OP said, there were kids singing about politics and about Obama when he was president.

Speaking of which, has anyone seen the Youtube video about a kid singing a parody of “Hey There Delilah,” hoping it would get to Obama and that he would pardon him from detention? It was made waay back in 2009-2010 so it may have been taken down.

No. It isn’t okay.

Children need to learn reading, writing and arithmetic. Indoctrination should be left out of their curriculum. Let them explore that on their own time when they are old enough to do so.


Yeah, please teach 'em fear and loathing at an early age. Ugh.

Like the left doesn’t?


It is stealing their dreams and their childhood with empty words…or something like that.

Well said.

Remember that when kids express a view you don’t agree with.


Don’t care. If children wanted to participate, they could. Some did. Okay.

Yeah…that’s the job for the left isn’t it?

Exactly. With David Hogg, he really didn’t ask to be thrown in the political arena, but he was due to a shooting happening at his school. He felt the need to advocate for students, and against gun violence, and while I admire his intentions and his good heart, I don’t necessarily agree with how he is going about it, that government should take a bigger role. The change needs to be initiated by society.

Greta Thunberg is a bit different. I understand that she is very passionate about her cause, and she has Aspergers (I have traits of that myself, but not full-blown). However, she did choose to enter the political arena, which is treacherous- and thus, needs to expect criticism. However, I certainly do not agree with the death threats she’s received, or the personal attacks. It’s important when debating to not resort to those kinds of things. Every American citizen I think wants to see America prosper, because it is their home. However, every one of us has different routes and priorities we should take in order to get there. It makes me uncomfortable to see abortions and single-payer healthcare, for example, but I understand that there are desperate times when one might be needed, such as threat to the mother’s life. I do not think, though, that that should give the green light to legalize abortions whenever and wherever. There needs to be some restrictions, I think, such as getting two physicians’ approval. But let’s a different topic for a different day. :slight_smile:

Maybe more OK than this?

Something that a lib would do…

I seem to remember a very large thread on here about a young girl and climate change. The argument being the parents were brainwashing her into thinking its real…

Yet here we are again with a do as I say not as I do moment that the gop love to throw in people’s faces .

Someday people are going to lwarnt o just ig ore the moral outrage the right throws out on issues and the world will be better for it.


Great post.

I agree with much of what you said.

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I don’t like it. Teach them something useful.

For real. Math, history, reading, writing, and science.

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Neither the left nor right should do so.