Is this guy for real? Huckabee unhinged

What a ■■■■■■■ idiot.

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I don’t see anything in the constitution about a third term if they tray an impeach.

He’s a troll and a not very good one. It’s what the GOP offers these days.


Me thinks Huckabee is trying to start some ■■■■ that trump supporters will drink up like a cool glass of water on a hot day.


Named by whom to head the 2024 election?

Hey, I just saw this on Twitter. You’re the ones who watch Sean’s show. You tell me.

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I watch Sean’s show?
Is this Sondland making more presumptions?

Donald Trump will be elected to his third term in 2024. Democrats really screwed themselves by pursuing this impeachment nonsense. You guys better not go after him again during his second term or it might justify him being able to run again in 2028.


You don’t actually believe this ■■■■■■■■ do you? You’re so making me laugh.

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We need a Huckabee Derangement Thread.


Why stop at three just make him President for life.


Completely over the top.

It’s enough to give Donald another four years anytime someone is very very mean or very very unfair to him.

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I bet some do.
The attempted coronation of a King.

So did anyone watch and find out his explanation?

Pretty obvious he’s just trying to please his master. Question is what does he think he can get out of it?

So no first hand knowledge of what he said but assumptions and speculation about what he meant.

Boy, that sounds familiar.:joy:


no first hand knowledge of what he said except for the tweet where he said the things we are talking about.


Except he’s supposed to 'splain what he meant in that tweet on Hannity tonight.

Ambassadorship to Ukraine.

He will exercise the “sore loser” clause in the 32nd amendment… Suck on that libs!