Is this guy for real? Huckabee unhinged

Pence looks nothing like Trump.

Looks like a straight up grift to me.

Holy snikeys.

Is the most dangerous December…finally here?

I never knew.

It would take this long.

But it’s finally here. And the sheople weep.

But the Patriots rise.

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LOL Sucker!!!

Too funny…

Looks like Revrun’ Mike is trying his hand at Twitter trolling. Not the best work but it’ll put him in the good graces of The Chosen One. If he continues to work hard he might graduate to memes.

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Watching a bunch of old people learn about ■■■■ posting and trying to mimic it is beyond pathetic. This ■■■■ is lame when kids do it.


It is…

…The New Republican Party.

Cringe inducing.

These people.

Unhinged indeed. :wink:

I really don’t think a stressed out overweight sedentary man who eats nothing but greasy fast food in his 70s is likely to be alive in 8 years. But who knows.

His health is astonishingly excellent. Like everything else about him. Just ask John Miller. Totally vetted and genuine resource on all things Donald.

With any luck we’ll see him here!

Hey its what they said Obama was trying to do, so of course they’re willing to do it. It’s only bad when it’s the other team doing it.

Did we ever get his reasoning on this? I’m curious to see how he explains his theory.

It was his actual tweet. I thought those who are on this forum watch Sean’s show.

Sean had the traitor on last night confessing to the world he’s rigging the Senate hearing. Since when does the head juror collude with the accused?

That happens right after the head prosecutor colludes with the “whistle blower”.

Present your evidence that this happened.

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That’s what you get for assuming.

I asked a simple question. I know what the tweet says. I just wondered if anyone actually watched the show to see what he elaborated on, not the assumptions ya’ll are making about what his tweet “means”.

His tweet actually explains nothing. Nor did you.

Conservatives believe that suspicion is enough to believe a lib is guilty.

Conservatives also believe that unless a conservative confessed to the crime they are innocent. Even then it is iffy.


“due to the illegal attempts by Comey, Dems, and media , et al attempting to oust him as [@POTUS]”

That is an explanation. His tweet didn’t offer any supporting evidence, but it did offer an explanation.

And, of course, nobody would watch that. The explanation is apparently false, and there’s nothing–save a constitutional amendment written in invisible ink–that would support it.

Everyone who reads that tweet–and has the basic civics knowledge to understand the political TV show mentioned–already has enough information to judge the tweet.