Is this Biden's vision of "light, not darkness"?

Scott Adams included images of cars burning next to a Black Live Matter sign, which provide a different take on Biden’s words about light:

Biden immediately responded to the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha with this statement:
**. . . the nation wakes up yet again with grief and outrage that yet another Black American is a victim of excessive force. . . We must dismantle systemic racism. **

The video shows Blake apparently ignoring police and walking back to his car. He was shot while reaching into his car. Published reports indicate a long history of domestic violence and confrontations with police.

I agree that the tragic shooting may well be a result of systemic racism, but it is a result of a failed schools in Democrat-run cities such as Kenosha. The failing schools are arguably a system that Biden supports since wants to end school choice and receives massive support of teachers’ unions. The police saw end result of that failed system in my opinion.

Did Biden’s statement increase the outrage and fan the violent response to the incident?

Are burning cities the real-life outcome of Biden’s vision of “light”?

Relax, he will stop supporting violence and mayhem, after he gets elected. Or maybe not, Obama didn’t.

Dilbert’s misogynist scribbler is definitely the guy to go to for penetrating analysis.


There’s a lot of light in fire. Without the burning buildings it would be much darker. That’s what Biden means. “I’ll be an ally of fire, and not of peaceful nights.”

Videos show masked white youths destroying cars:

Antifa defines “fascist” as anyone who is not a Communist and/or anarchist. For now their anger is directed towards Trump, but there is no reason to believe that the violence would end with Biden.

Will Biden be willing and able to take on violent extremists that he currently supports?

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Kenosha…libs…bring your marshmellows. It’s all yours and another reason why…you’ll lose in November.

Honestly, libs burning things are Trumps best bet to get re-elected. But apparently, they can’t help themselves. My wife is anti-Trump but if she thinks that is coming or does come to Columbus where her daughters live…

Biden torched those cars himself. You know, after he recovered from his dementia. :roll_eyes:

Is that what you would say if they were maga hat wearing arsonists and rioters? It wasn’t Trump?

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Stay on topic

It is on topic and you aren’t a mod.


Under who’s watch is all this happening?

That’s the most hilarious thing I have seen in a while. Yep, definitely Trumps fault lol. I super enjoy when he sends the feds to bust them though.

The second part never happened. :sunglasses:

Oh…it’s ok now to send in the storm troopers? Did you confer with Nancy before you posted this?

What is the topic of the thread? This will be Bidens America…So if Biden was POTUS, he’d be responsible. But Trump as POTUS now isn’t…

Yea that sounds right…lol


Burning Democrat-run cities are providing a warning about what America will look like under Biden.


No, Trump would be responsible if there were conservatives out there rioting, looting and setting stuff on fire and he praised them instead of condemned them. Democrats have obviously decided violent mayhem benefits then politically, start praying Trump doesn’t get the same idea.

It takes some damn dysfunctional thought processes to come up with this ■■■■■ Just sayin’.

I seriously wish Trump would send in the national guard and quell this violence and destruction that is entirely happening in cities run by Democrats for decades but then…you’d be yelling about that too. No matter what Trump does, those infected with TDS…whine.

Yea…that sounds right.