Is there ANYTHING that Biden can't screw up?

What is with this dumbass?


The idiot is trying to sound tough and at the same time deflect the issue to the companies as if they can do anything about it to begin with.

edit: Holy typos Batman. :astonished: Typed that on my phone.

He’s sounding like a bully.


I want to know where he is going to magic these additional workers that will be needed to make this happen (which it won’t).

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Your chart needs to be moderated by a second graph of percentage of negative msm coverage vs positive coverage.

You may find that brings Biden way down and lifts Trump way up.

Poll numbers don’t change the fact that there is nothing so far in the Biden presidency that he hasn’t screwed up.

Even worse, it’s a bad reflection on so many people who still approve of this clown’s presidency at all. I think that’s as disturbing (and dangerous to this nation’s future) as Biden’s fubar presidency itself.

“I like kids better than people,” President Biden said Friday after getting a hug from a toddler

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“They smell better.”



Numbah 1 on ITunes!

:rofl: Great pick

This woman fits with all the other idiots Biden has nominated…Garland, Mayorkas, where the Hell has Mayor Pete been while the country is facing a major crisis in moving goods and product from coast to coast…ON VACATION FOR TWO MONTHS.

But at least this lady’s got the talking points down. From the linked article…

"“Ms. Omarova has time to attack Republicans in an interview with the Financial Times, but she can’t bother to comply with a Banking Committee requirement that nominees— regardless of their political party or ideology—submit copies of their writings,” said Amanda Gonzalez Thompson. “We certainly hope she reconsiders so Senators have the information necessary to fulfill their constitutional duty to advise and consent on appointments.”…"Her response…"Omarova spoke with the Financial Times in an interview published Thursday in which she claimed that Republicans find her an easy target to “demonize” because she is “an immigrant, a woman, a minority.”

The election of Joseph Robinette Biden to President of the United States might be the single biggest mistake this generation could and has made.

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In regards to the thread title…

Screwing up? I haven’t seen him screw up screwing up.

Hasn’t screwed up kid sniffing, though that’s not really something to brag about.

Raggedy Ann circling back.

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Just got quoted at $2.29 per gallon for propane, which signals it being close to $3.50 per gallon by Christmas.

It was $1.29 last year.

Are we tired of all this losing yet? :thinking:


Losing? This is winning!!

Come on, man!

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Gas jumped to $3.09 a gallon at the north Texas truck stop where I usually fill up today.

Inflation is outpacing any wage gains people are achieving…so if you make under 400000 your ass is getting taxed.

The NY Post apparently has a story coming out in the morning according to an interview with Miranda Devine that this corrupt failing presidency is flying migrants on chartered planes to places like New York in the middle of the night. Is there still a caravan of 60000 Haitians coming this way?

There’s an Inspector Generals investigation starting into bozo the Biden’s screwed up Afghanistan withdrawal.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans who were hero’s a year ago…Doctors nurses cops people who worked thru Covid and probably got it so they have natural immunity are now losing their jobs over that idiot in the White House’s stupid vaccine mandates…I have no problem with vaccines I ve even had the booster but seriously he’s the president not a damn dictator he doesn’t get to tell people what medicine they will and won’t take.

His dim witted “transportation Secretary” took two months of paternity leave…didn’t leave anyone else running his department and our transportation system is a mess…guess that’s why mayor Pete wasn’t even going to get re elected in south bend.

The answer is no…

There’s nothing clueless Joe and the Bidenettes can’t and won’t screw up.

I haven’t seen gas that low in awhile. We are more than midway to $4.00/gal.

I m flying to Oregon on weds. Can’t wait to see what it’s going to cost to fuel up the rental car…which oh by the way is costing 30 or 40% more.

If you voted for Biden you contributed to the single greatest electoral mistake at least of our lifetimes and potentially in the history of this country.

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“Hundreds of thousands?” Nope. At least not on the medical side. For most places it’s not even a blip on the radar.

The hospitals where I work all have vaccine mandates. Anecdotally I don’t know of or have heard of a single person being let go because of refusing the vaccine mandate. Maybe small rural hospitals would have an issue but they don’t tend to have mandates in those places anyway. The martyr by proxy narrative doesn’t hold up well with the actual numbers but if people want to shed a tear for those who refuse to get vaccinated, by all means. Please continue. The rest of us will continue to work in their largely unnoticed absence.

“Authentic Liberal” Got me fooled.