Is there any evidence that BLM cares a hoot about black lives?

I haven’t seen any. Maybe you wokies can help me out with this? All I’ve seen is a Marxist organization who loots, burns and raises an ocean of cash. I see the “leadership” getting filthy rich, investing in real estate and doing zero to help blacks stay safe. Out of the tens of thousands of blacks who are gunned down each year, they seem to only care about three or four. BLM may be the biggest money making scam in decades.

This is going to be very difficult for you wokies, but I’m going to ask you to remove your political hat and put on your common sense hat for just a sec. Ready?

If BLM cared at all why would they not sat this? Why isn’t anyone saying this?

"If you are confronted by the po-leece, COMPLY, DO NOT RESIST, AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NEVER, EVER SCUFFLE WITH PO-LEECE!" Do this and your chances of survival will be about 100 percent.

What is the downside to this message? And why is nobody smart enough to say it?

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This is problematic


Okay. I can’t wait to hear why.

Why is “scuffling with police” a better option than compliance? Be for warned. I have an example that proves you wrong.


Who says it like that?

What is the mission statement for BLM Inc?


Is that a quote from LaVoy Finicum?



This week I learned BLM leadership likes green much better.


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Narrative. They want to keep the narrative going instead. :roll_eyes:

BLM stands for Build Large Mansions. :rofl:


Lynard Skynyrd. One of their lyrics.

" The po-leece said we can’t drink in the bar, what a shame. Won’t you come upstairs girl and have a drink of Champaign."

But I agree with you. We should continue to encourage people to resist because Altair said “po-leece.”

If you would prefer I don’t, just say so and I won’t. Fair enough?

Perfect!!! :+1:


Is there a problem with a black female leader of a non profit (with several other streams of income) buying a house where she wants to live?

It’s funny I’ve never heard this criticism of white leaders who buy million dollar homes.

Who ever said it. it’s a pretty smart idea. Am I right?

:rofl::rofl: no it isn’t.

Nah. I’m able to address multiple things wrong with your post. Baby steps

You can say what you want… just found it interesting that in a ANOTHER race related thread by Altair… you use BLM and “Poo-leece” in the same post.

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No. There’s a problem with BLM doing zero to protect black lives and everything to enrich themselves.

On the upside. They’re only scamming libs. Not penny from me.

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What is BLM Inc. mission statement? Why do they exist?

Ok. Now what are we supposed to make of that? Do you have anything else to say? Or should we simply note it and move on? Was my reply acceptable to you? Or do I need further judgement? Your call.

Patrisse has to catch up with Trump in properties don’t you know? :wink:

I would say, you should check their website?

You still did not answer the question as to why you believe that scuffling with police is a better option than compliance. I have answered all of your questions. I would appreciate an answer to mine.

I know what there mission statement Is. It seems like you know what it is as well. So since you made the claim, I am asking you to back it up.

I never said it was. I am also not saying that because he fled, he deserved to be shot or tazed.