Is there a growing problem of anti-Semitism from the left?

Is anti-Semitism only a problem with neo-Nazis on the extreme right? Or is it becoming mainstream in the Democratic Party and other institutions on the left as well?

There are disturbing reports that bastions of liberalism are having increasing problems anti-Semitism. For example, consider this report about anti-Semitism on college campuses:

As reported by Newsweek , more than a dozen Jewish student events were violently disrupted this year at schools coast to coast, including Boston University, University of Maryland and University of Florida. And on the University of California campuses, anti-Semitic graffiti reading, “Zionists should be sent to the gas chamber” has appeared on the walls of buildings . . .

Just two days ago a Democratic activist was arrested in connection with anti-Jewish graffiti that forced the cancellation of a Democrat event at synagogue:

James Polite, the 26-year-old man who was arrested Friday for allegedly vandalizing a synagogue in Brooklyn Thursday, is a Democratic activist who once worked for New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, and also volunteered for Barack Obama.

Interestingly the mainstream media reported the arrest and statements about the vandalism being a hate crime but failed to note that the political connection of the suspect. For example, here is a report from CBS:

The apparent media silence on the politic links of the suspect is not unique; the Federalist noted the reluctance of the mainstream media to report on ties between Louis Farrakhan and prominent Democrats:

What would the establishment media reaction be if tens of members of Congress met with one of America’s most notorious racists and anti-Semites and refused to denounce him? Or if the leaders of one of America’s hottest social movements embraced him? If the bigot in question is Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan — who has blamed Jews for the 9/11 attacks, said white people “deserve to die” and praised Adolf Hitler — the answer seems to be … not much, at least not when those embracing him are Democrats and progressives.

Is there a growing, under-reported problem of anti-Semitism from progressives?

Or is anti-Semitism strictly a problem from right-wing neo-Nazis?


It’s a problem with the Nationalist party whose leader is fat donald.

Hatred and bigotry can be found among all political persuasions. Anyone saying different is selling something.


Are you saying that all anti-Semites are Trump supporters?

Or are you claiming anti-Semites are “triggered” by Trump’s Jewish family connections and his support of Israel?

Yes, bigotry is not unique to one side of the pollical spectrum.

It may not be unique to one side of the pollical spectrum but it is prevalent on the Trump side.

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So why is the OP specifically calling out “leftists”?

It makes it easier to acknowledge the faults of your side (and subsequently disregard them) if you can equivocate by saying it’s no different for the other side.

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Which Party mailed out this anti-Semitic mailer again?

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There is a tendency on the part of both Zionists and anti-Zionists to conflate Judaism and Zionism.

:rofl: what a peach of a post.

It is the obvious conclusion. :grin:

Not all, most.


You sure about that?


There is anti-semitism among all dumb people.

Since there are more dumb people on the right

Ipso facto…

Only the dumb use religion as a scapegoat.


Ok, if you say so.

The first article in the OP explains pretty clear that the problem is that - Some think “Jewish” and “Zionist” are synonyms, but there’s a difference.

There are some confused anti-Zionists out there and that needs to be corrected.

Because a couple of anecdotes means both sides are the same.
Also, graffiti is the same as murdering eleven people, as you imply.

Well, funny and sad at the same time.

according to the trumpflakes, that is supposed to be a pro matt lesser ad…