Is the Trump/Fox honeymoon over?

What did they do, say something fair and balanced?

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The World Cup Win (congratulations, America!) definitely creates a situation for Donald. He already tweeted that, win or lose, the team would receive an invite to the WH. Rapinoe and several other players have already said they will not accept an invitation. Does Donald rescind the invite and look bitter, or keep his promise and look bad when few (if any) members of the team show up?

The crybaby in chief is ranting about just that. Too funny.

The Hill article I cited is not specific, but the implication is Donald is not pleased with the Fox weekend anchors for citing a story run by the NY Times concerning the immigrant detention centers in Texas.

As others have stated, in addition he may well have also been displeased by the video Fox recorded of Americans in Lyon, France celebrating the World Cup win and chanting a less than laudatory message for the POTUS.


Or, it could be the Epstein case. :man_shrugging:

If his tweets are any indication of his mood, Donald did not have a good weekend.

This idiot needs to spend less time fretting about cable news and more time doing his day job.

Fake TV president.


You use words like “evil” and " lying" and then go onto talk about how you can be objective! I am struggling to find one objective post you have made in recent years when it comes to Trump.


That dude rants about everyone and everything.

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Without a doubt, that’s the trigger. The weekday Foxers would have cut that feed in seconds.

There are people at Fox and in talkradio who understand how awful trump is, but for the sake of the almighty dollar, they have created this monster and don’t know how to handle him now.

The audience they pander to are made up of ignoramuses and lowlifes…and THAT is who they need to please now.

Trump is an unstable, incompetent lowlife who has no business blemishing the Presidency.

The minority who like him cannot have their way forever. Sanity will eventually return to high office in this country.


Do we have any idea how long that went on before they cut? None of the sites I’m finding online say.

ITT: Liberals complaining that Trump doesn’t believe in honeymoons with a News station.

Yet another poster who thinks that everybody who thinks Trump is a lowlife is a liberal.


Apperantly, some people worship coastal elite politicians.:rofl:


I guess it depends if the women’s soccer team wants cold french fries and some delicious hamberders.


Fox would have over-dubbed the chants with “Lock her up!”

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Where will that base go?

The only issue will be if their punditry goes elsewhere when contracts start expiring.

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