Is the Trump/Fox honeymoon over?

Donald is not happy with Fox News this evening, unleashing an epic rant on his Twitter feed against his favorite source of news:

It seems Donald believes Fox weekend anchors are spending too much time covering Democratic candidates, using sources he doesn’t approve of (NY Times), and “loading up with Democrats,” meaning the staff at Fox. Will this spoil the special relationship he shares with many Fox News personalities? If the rift is unrepairable or Fox refuses to change to honor Donald’s wishes, where will he turn to for his media fix?

He just wants praise and watches too much news.

That may well be. The trouble for Fox is, they risk alienating Donald’s base if they don’t concede to his wishes. Can they afford that?

Will the Liberal Fake News Media(ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN), and Democrat Politicians Honeymoon ever be over?

No. In fact in one of the 2016 Presidential debates with Trump vs. Hillary, they gave her the questions ahead of time, so she would have an advantage. Of course, Trump being Trump, it didn’t matter, because he still made Hillary look foolish. lol.



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Any thoughts on the presidents tweets tonight?

It will be interesting to see how this pans out long term. Personally I suspect in a few days it will be sunshine and roses again with Trump and Fox. They will invite him onto the sickeningly sycophantic Fox and Friends to stroke his ego and Hannity will do another exclusive interview where not even a mildly challenging question will be asked.

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I’m inclined to agree with you. Fox cannot afford to alienate Donald’s base, and Donald really has no other friendly source of media that generates the ratings Fox does.

This is a lover’s spat that will be over quickly. I’m just curious what it was that triggered him tonight. Seeing the NY Times cited as a source?

Maybe is was the Fox News live broadcast from a sports bar in France where the Americans were cheering their president?


That’s funny, but in all seriousness it might well have been the trigger. Did that clip actually air?

Lol yeah, wishing him well.

Trump only cares about one person and that’s himself. So these dust ups with supposed friends are hardly surprising. It’s easy to dump on people you’re only using.

It’s out there.

In all its glory.

I don’t know…you would think there is a delay but it was live and Fox does not realize how much Trump is hated, and rightly so.

Which is a legitimate response. Of course everyone is going to want to be around people who lift them up as opposed to tearing them down, that’s basic psychology. But Donald has a compulsive need to frame his perceptions in terms of a binary (friend/enemy), where anyone who doesn’t reaffirm his belief in his own greatness is excoriated as an enemy.


Fox News has Liberals on their shows that contribute to the shows. They want to show the America people more than a one sided point of view.

Does Fake News do that on a regular basis? Just look at Whoopie Insane Goldberg attacking Judge Jeanine, just because she is a Conservative.

A lot of the time, Fox News Anchors ask for Liberal Democrat Politicians to come on their shows to “set the record straight”, and they refuse, because they’re cowards, and liars, and know that if they did go on their shows, that the truth would be exposed about how evil they really are, and that their simply lying.

There are a couple of people on Fox, that are part of the Republican Swamp, like Karl Rove, that shouldn’t be on there. Neither side is perfect, but at least as Conservatives, we can be Objective, and point out the flaws on our side of the spectrum. There’s always a double standard though.

How many Liberals do this? How much does the Liberal Fake News Media do this? Or Liberal Democrat Politicians ever admit to their faults?

I think fat donald got triggered by the live feed from France as well as the women’s team winning the World Cup.

You (and others) might well be right.

Fox is walking a precarious tightrope here - the news branch (as opposed to the opinion branch) wants to be as fair and balanced as possible, so they bring on Democratic politicians and voices. But tonight we have Donald openly ranting against Fox for that very thing, essentially challenging Fox to cease and desist. Can they ignore that without risking the wrath of Donald’s base?

Yes, the video is available online to anyone who wants to see it and can spare a few mouse clicks. I can’t imagine it got multiple plays on Fox itself. :wink:

The fact that you use the proper name for Fox News while describing all other mainstream media as “fake news” means that you are too far gone to be objective on the matter.