Is the old Biden really back?

Its 12 O’clock somewhere?


Lol. :rofl: :rofl:

I didn’t watch the speech. But last night, it was brought up by an acquaintance who knows a lot about videography, and who watched it while on some kind of live chat with others. My friend told me that several chatters believe that the speech was pre-recorded and pointed to something called “morph cuts” that they were able to identify. I don’t know anything about editing so I don’t think I’d pick up on it, if it was true.
But I was reading a review of the speech on a Hollywood site called “Deadline” and there were several comments; a couple of them also said the the speech was not live. I think Rush also said something about it being pre recorded.
As I said, I haven’t watched it, so I don’t know, but I personally wouldn’t have a problem with its being recorded, unless it had been, when it was promoted as a live speech.

I don’t know that they(his handlers) will ever allow him to be smoked out. Keep him in the basement till the election. :roll_eyes:

The point is very much that Biden is not Trump; so replicating Trump doesn’t seem to be a particularly good idea.

As discussed in another thread, the video says “LIVE” in big letters and the media presented it as live.

My observation is that the studio location of the speech with no live audience would make it easy to record multiple takes and choose the best one. The speech was almost certainly prerecorded in my opinion.

Current technology makes it easy to splice together segments seamlessly, and my guess is that is the most likely explanation for how the video was made.

Do we really have Virtual Joe or Old Joe? That is the question, but neither one is a good alternative.

Except in Newsome’s California. Rolling blackouts ‘n at.

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I didn’t think Biden’s speech was going to be a big deal around here, but apparently it stuck a nerve.

Trump supporters should blame the bat ■■■■ crazy right wing media and of course trump, for setting such low expectations.


Looking forward to some of the threads around here after the debates.

But wasn’t Trump the one who lead the charge re Biden?

He still is. Maybe you swallowed his recorded statements that he couldn’t do live as an improvement…but I don’t. He’s been in government for decades and done nothing. Say bye Felicia. :sunglasses:

What she said.

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Setting up low expectations for Biden again. I hope most trump supporters keep up the same low expectations for the debates. Love it! Keep it up!

Didn’t Melania swack Michelle’s speech in 2016?

Rose McGowan? :rofl: who the hell s Rose McGowan?


Ok, ok, ok…lemme splain mathematically…what’s a zillion (high expectations) X zero (Biden)? :sunglasses:

Long view, yes.

Trump is an existential threat.

It does a completely bizarre campaign strategy to continue to downplay expectations on how Biden will perform. Surely a much sounder, rational strategy would have been to talk up Biden?


At least shut the hell up about his speech impediment. :man_shrugging:t2: