Is the democratic party in full panic mode?

I was driving to the gym and Rush was talking about the incredible rudeness that the Dems subjected Barr to. Even though it was Mueller, not Barr who decided there was not enough evidence to prosecute for collusion or obstruction. His theory is that they are in full panic mode. Barr has said that he is committed to digging down and uncovering all of the sleaze involved in the FISA warrant, the FBI and all things that led to the false accusations against the President. The last thing they want is the truth to be exposed and people to be held accountable. So, the plan is to discredit Barr, impeach him or force him to resign. Laser focus on Barr and filibuster his efforts to get to the truth. In other words, their plan seems to be to obstruct justice. Let’s see how this plays out. This is going to be fun!

(This is the part where some of y’all freak out because I listened to Rush for 7 minutes today.)


So Barr skips out on the House hearing, but it’s the Democrats who are in full panic mode?


But Rush does this and that, and “Trump does anything Rush tells him too”. lol. Not!

The Democrat Politicians have chased this witch hunt for so long, that it’s extremely backfiring now on them, and making the Fake News Media, and Liberal Socialist Politicians look really bad.

They themselves Colluded with Russia, and now the Chickens are coming home to roost, and they’re getting their hand caught in the cookie jar. I wonder if the Democrat Politicians kept records of how much money they spent on this witch hunt?

And what other good uses that money could have actually gone for??? I know! Just take some of the things that the Democrat Party supposedly stand for, and try to apply the money to that. Better education, things for children, blah blah blah.

Trump looked at the Liberal Media the wrong way, and it was totally “Racist, and Sexist”. lol.

We always know what these kinds of posts/threads really mean…

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Watch closely and you catch the pattern.

It’s like whatever Trump supporters say, the opposite it the truth lol.

Reverse or project your issue onto the other party and win the narrative


He didn’t skip out. He testified for 5 hours. Are you thinking there are some questions that they forgot to ask him?

Yeah, win the narrative with the brain dead.

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It really means that Altair is a baaaad man? :stuck_out_tongue:

The one thing we can agree on. The dems do not want any investigation into this debacle and will do everything in their power to stop it.


No, he testified to the Republican controlled Senate. He was too afraid of the Democratic controlled House.

Uh, what Dems are stopping Trump’s DOJ from investigating “this debacle”?

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One of my more recent favorites is the crying of “coup” while wanting to promote a military takeover.

Barr testified at the House hearing today? 5 hours?

He’s done testifying. And will be dedicated to uncovering the truth regarding the Russia debacle. Do you have an issue with that?

He’s done testifying. And will be dedicated to uncovering the truth regarding the Russia debacle. Do you have an issue with that?

Who gets to make that call? You? Barr? donnie?

Yes me. I made the call.

Coolio…I wonder how much standing that has in Congress…

Yeah, I do have a problem with that. They should arrest him.