Is Rhino Paul a traitor?

Should the Republicans make sure that Paul Ryan gets out of the Speaker Of The House? Doesn’t Paul Ryan pretty much act like a Democrat anyways on a lot of things? Isn’t his wife a Democrat? I don’t know why the Democrats are always preaching about the Republicans not being about equality and what not. After all, we did put the first Trans-gendered speaker of the house in place. What is more politically correct than that? lol.

What does the ‘h’ stand for?

What h? where?

It the title. Is Rhino Paul

Probably auto complete.

“Is _Rhino_Paul a Trator”

To who or to what?

An organized gang of unprincipaled vermin calling itself a political party?

Beat me to it. If your proudest moment occurred while posting on an internet forum, your life has been ■■■■.

As far as Paul’s speaker position is concerned though, don’t worry. The American public will take it away from him this November when they hand the House back to the Democrats

Ryan to me is a guy with half his brain out of politics, he is just holding the line of an internally divided party…

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It’s silent.

Well welcome! I hear you are an old timer :hugs:

Does this kind of thing happen often? I’m like, stunned.

I’ve seen this on the old board, so I assume it’s the same poster but I still can’t get over the use of “thee” instead of “the.” In what world does someone pick that word to represent some sort yearning for Shakespearean English yet confuse it with “the” as if they have the same meaning? Thee = you. Thee != the.


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Paul Ryan is a pachyderm? Who knew.

I know, it’s so dumb.

Paul Ryan disagrees with “God” – I mean President Trump – sometimes. That does not make him a RINO.

You need to be more open-minded my friend (diverse opinion is a good thing), and don’t take unnecessary stabs at the trans community for no reason at all.

Paul Ryan has an 88.59 lifetime rating, according to the American Conservative Union.

That’s right kids, only 11% of the time, he disagrees with conservatives on Capital Hill. He must be in a RINO.

It doesn’t matter who the Speaker is for the GOP. They’re going to have to deal with the same thing that cost John Boehner his job and has hamstrung Ryan since day one: The Freedom Caucus.

In many ways, the orthodox conservatives in the Freedom Caucus are the Democrats best friends. They are so doctrinaire and unwilling to negotiate that to pass Republican legislation, the Speaker has been forced to approach San Fran Nan time and again for votes, and of course in exchange for votes San Fran Nan extracts a pretty healthy amount of concessions, things that Democrats want in legislation.

I don’t know why people would complain about Ryan. He delivered on the one thing that he was there for, regressive tax cuts for corps and the wealthy. If he’s able to gut SS and Medicare then that would be nice, but his job is done.

No. Paul Ryan is not a “traitor”. Certainly a less than stellar Speaker of the House, but no traitor.

You do know that Ryan is retiring in 6 months - so he won’t be Speaker no matter which party wins the House.

But thanks for an OP highlighting another uneducated Trumpkin.

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