Is Mr. Pillow's Mike Lindell documentary on election fraud merely his opinion or a real road map to proof that should be vetted?

At 1st glance my take is this 2-hour video looks credible enough to hopefully still get vetted by Federal and state courts and legislation officials.

How about each of you?

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think:

He uses the Ramsland Report in it.

That should show people that it is nonsense.

Plus… it keeps cutting to that weird overhead shot for no reason… do they even know how to television?

It’s no wonder Lindell has been “cancelled” and social media banned. There must some truth to it all.

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Oh man… He has Dr Shiva in it… waiting for Ron Watkins to show up.

Grifters gotta grift.

Everyone is so eager. What are we gonna do, depose the usurper??

Let’s see what happens.


It also has Lt Gen McInerney channeling the John Birch Society… this is after a rehash of Hammer and Scorecard… oh man… is it really stupid.

One America Network is carrying it.

That ought to be enough for people to know…

Although the Rudy Giuliani Ukraine production was Grade A Prime entertainment!

There is. The greatest myth out there is the one by the media saying the election was strictly on the up and up,

So nice to see the True Believers still exist…

Well you have to want it.


Im gonna try and watch it. In a Bears jersey with a braut and a beer. Pre - SuperBowl. FYI we buy real pillows not his garbage ones

We have 4-8” of snow to deal with today that I will have to get cleared before nightfall as it dropping into the teens.

Best handle it before that happens or be chopping away at ice all tomorrow.

Maybe this video will be my reward after that hard work.

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Watch it on 1.5x speed. It makes Lindell look really cranked out of his mind.


Exactly how does that show people that it is nonsense. Please explain.

How does that further the debate here?

Because he took data from one State and misattributed to another one.

Did he lie about the origins of the data? Where in his video did he do that?

I don’t think that he lied.

He was really careless in his analysis. It’s almost like he started with the answer he wanted and worked backwards from that.

So one of his initial claims that more people voted in Michigan than lived there was outright false.