Is Minnesota in play?

As we know, the dems have made a real mess of Minneapolis and other areas. It looks like people may have had enough.

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No, Trump already won it.

Not surprised, not when the Governor ignores the help Trump keeps offering and just let’s the citizens suffer.

Did Trump win it or did the democratic goons lose it?

They lost it.

How is that possible given the election is in November, 2020?

I know. They are playing a silly assed game that nobody is believing. They do nothing about the riots, they turn down offers of help from Trump, then they claim it’s Trump’s fault. Nobody is buying what they’re selling.

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One would have to be a fool to buy what they are selling.

You might want to look again. Trump is still down by an average of 6 points in Minnesota

It’s not only possible. It’s a fact.

You just don’t know it yet.

Sorry. I was out of line.

I didn’t declare that. I asked if Minnesota was in play.

I haven’t done any research, but I’m hearing that (according to the Constitution), if no candidate is declared the winner by January 20, the Speaker of the House becomes the President. These mail out ballots might lose it for Trump. This might be off topic.

Good Lord. That would be really horrific. But at the same time, incredibly fun to watch.

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No problems; thanks for the apology.

I am aware it wasn’t you who had made the unilateral declaration that Minnesota had already been won.

I really doubt Minnesota is in play but FWIW, last poll out of Minnesota had Trump and Biden tied. But - Minnesota is the one state that didn’t vote for Reagan even once, so there’s that.

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It’s definitely in play. How could it not be. Look what the goons have done to Minneapolis.