Is Limbaugh right about this?

That’s out of the Fox news play book…“Some people are saying” is one of their favorite tactics. And it always ticks me off when a host would say that and the guest never says “Who? Who’s saying that?” Just letting fhem throw it out there without backing it up…

Wow…it appears my ability to discern is rubbing off on you? Congrats. :sunglasses:

Yes, Rush is right.

But if he didn’t go on to say “And pouring gas on conspiracy fires just to watch the flames is not what our POTUS should be doing” then he is tacitly supporting terrible behavior.

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"Perhaps NOT spreading conspiracy theories?

Perhaps NOT throwing gasoline on flames just to have fun?"

Do you honestly think that’s what a leader ( a good leader) should be doing?

Who in their right mind wants a “leader” who hides in his basement and hasn’t solvesd a single problem in his 50 years in office??


Rush is amazing. But I do not agree with this particular statement. And there you have it. Question answered. :yum:

Absolutely right, true leaders don’t advance conspiracy theories…like colluding with foreign adversaries.

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consensus… it isn’t like it’s about global warming science…

Is Limbaugh correct about Trump?

Is this beahvior what you want out of a leader?

The behavior described by limbaugh is what you think a leader should do then?

We can talk about that in another thread. Is this behavior the right thing for a leader?

No, I clearly quoted the most popular conservative pundit in the country about this leader. Do you agree with this behavior?

Then you will support any leader doing what limbaugh describes?

Yes absolutely. Just not in this example.

Do agree with limbaugh?

If so, do you support the behavior from a leader?

I agree with Limbaugh about 85 percent of the time. Same with the President. The president has been amazing. Showing great leadership. Keeping nearly all his campaign promises. Promises made, promises kept. The downside? He often speaks and tweets on impulse and is too proud to admit anything but perfection. Bottom line. I love what he has done. I’m not always fond of what he says. Cringeworthy. Fair enough?

Better than a “leader” telling people that mitt romney wants to put them in chains.

That’s some kooky ■■■■ right there.

But vote for him if you want.

So everyone is a good leader in your book?

So presidents spreading conspiracy theories and throwing gas on a fire ARE examples of leadership to you? Good to know.

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russian collusion.

poor joe scarborough though. “what are you gonna do?” If you can’t go on cable news and joke about impregnating and killing the dead intern found in your office, then this is just not America.