Is Jan 6th death ruled accidental of Roseanne Boyland going to be investigated by GOP led Congress?

There is now quite a bit of buzz, particularly on more conservative outlets about the existence of new evidence circulating depicting apparent disturbing Capitol Police behavior in a more secluded area on the Capitol grounds on Jan 6th.

I heard on Steve Bannon podcast a few investigative reporters saying this incident started in the 1PMish time frame on January 6, 2021, while President Trump was still delivering his Stop the Steal speech on the Ellipse Grounds (a good two miles away). In addition, I heard these same reporters say that the video depicts police in riot gear deploying tear gas and getting quite physical with this smaller group of people who Boyland was among at the time.

Boyland’s time and cause of death listed on her certificate is 6:09PM from an “accidental acute amphetamine overdose.”

And another puzzling question discussed was why a person dying of an apparent drug overdose would have their remains cremated and returned to the immediate family without their apparent knowledge/permission?

This is the 1st I have even heard of this lady and her death occurring on the Capitol Grounds that very day.
After the fact just now I researched a bit.

Seems worthy of the GOP led Congress to investigate further from my vantage point to say the least.

How about you’ll chime in with your takes?

And if anyone can download this newly released video (body cam) footage will much appreciate. I just tried myself to no avail.


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Forget Bannon, this new video footage including the Capitol police maybe acting out against potentially peaceful protesters at that exact time (1PM ish) is apparently authentic.

If that supposed body cam coverage exists, I would imagine many of us will like to review it for ourselves…

Hard to do, but I’ll try…

You think this story turns out to be a nothing burger?

I’m still trying to forget Bannon.

As time goes on, why would anything more be revealed since we’re two years out…unless for some reason…it was intentionally hidden? Then you have to ask, who hid it and why?


First off, to be clear I am not into conspiracy theories, including JFK.

Second, I suppose the NY Post, conservative newspaper reporting Boyland’s death as accidental probably made it seem to many at the time yet another tragedy, i.e. always sad to read about people falling prey to addiction.

I would like to see something more about this rather than just rely on what Bannon says. I assume he has some sort of evidence for what he is saying?

Absolutely agree. I heard Epoch Times mentioned, but I am not a subscriber. That’s why I put it up. Maybe it will take a few days -weeks for this story to get covered by some bigger outlet like Fox?

And if Congress then starts to mentions concern, where there’s smkoe there’s fire, right?

According to the US Capitol Police, the CCV system captured more than 14,000 hours of footage between noon and 8 p.m. on Jan. 6, creating the most complete video archive of events inside the building that day.

This 14,000 hours is from inside the building plus all of the footage from outside. lf the footage was not released, there is no basis for this except, releasing it would not support the narrative you’re spinning as the truth.

To clarify, you probably meant Bannon is spinning…

I have a tough time forgetting the turds on CNN, MSNBC, and the View myself. :nauseated_face:

I never tune in to those channels but sometimes Watters or our esteemed host show clips from those channels.

Joy Behar and Joy Reid are among the worst.

No I don’t mean Bannon. These hours of footage were not released by the Capitol police…why? Who with in this organization withheld it? What was their motivation not to release this footage?

This investigative reporter apparently recovered PERSONAL body cam footage of Boyland pictured in this seclusive area on the Capitol Grounds. Her source(s) remain anonymous…

Being you seem better informed, please enlighten us on why there is slim to no chance this footage could not of been captured from official government surveillance camera’s.

You know that often enough shi- happens…

For example, not nefarious in the least for an isolated instance where a camera or two malfunctions / not be operational, footage getting inadvertently erased, etc.

The reason is Pelosi…who has been in charge up until now. Since the Rs have now taken the House, we’ll see what…if anything…was hidden or manipulated to spin the narrative the left wanted spun. If you remember…5 officers were murdered that day, one with a fire extinguisher, beaten to death by Trump supporters. That’s how it all began and lie after lie, after lie has been exposed since.

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I put the betting odds in favor of Pelosi; namely that this kind of “government official” stuff never sees the light of day.

And follow me here, kind of like Musk and Twitter, how about this body cam video not only gets out into the public domain, it also finally “gets legs” with a McCarthy appointed oversight chair too…

…and IMO…based on historical evidence…you’re spot on.

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They have decent enough ratings, right?

It’s entertainment. So nothing wrong for especially the more liberal minded housewives across America who have time to tune in each day during lunchtime or later after work on rewind.

War Room is hugely influential with the MAGA wright, whether anybody likes it or not.