Is it time to sue Google?

I agree.

Black Supremacy doesn’t exist in The US.

It does in many neighborhoods.

No it doesn’t.

Show me a single neighborhood that express those views. Provide quotes too

I can’t show you. It’s unsafe for me to go there.

You’ve been spanked silly with your foolishness and even so, your arrogance still exceeds your ignorance. How far gone can one get in one lifetime? The world is observing that question answered…

Maybe but it isn’t because of black supremacy

I’ll give you one. In the thread where critics were trying to find Elder guilty by association, an article mentioned an alleged racist named Jared Taylor. Judo mentioned he had a webpage so I decided to go there to see what he talked about. On google I could find all sorts of articles about him by splc and Vox and ADL but not his webpage. It was right there with duckduckgo. Now, you might say good with a disreputable character like Taylor. But all we have to do is look at the way leftists in this forum and elsewhere look at Trump and most Republicans to see what google is likely to also consider disreputable.
Check the way Twitter banned Trump and the Washington Post. Why would you think google would,have a different philosophy?
I have already referenced an article from CNN showing how google admittedly “tweaks” their searches. It’s not just some objective algorithm.

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You are the one claiming white supremacy is not an issue…

I am agreeing with the intelligence reports that state it is.

And i am the ignorant one?

Coming from a guy who gets his info from YOutube and RW blogs?

Too damn funny.

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Of course it is. They think they can do whatever they want to me because they are supreme in that neighborhood.

You are wrong…I’ve seen them leave results worth $100s of millions because they do not manually edit results. Political commentary isn’t even on their radar much less worthy of manual edits.

BTW…DuckDuckGo is crap. I can have any #1 spot in their results I want in 90 days. Why would I want to though…their traffic sucks.

So I even give you a proven example and you deny reality. Google employees reveal that they tweak their results for their approved content. As they are on the left, some may approve of this political tweaking. They cannot deny it any longer.

When some organization says they are modifying their content to ban “fake news”, that means they are banning what they don’t believe is true. I prefer to use my own judgment.

Tweaking the algorithm is much different than manual edits of results. Just curious…the sites I run get over 5 million unique visitors per month. How much practical SEO have you done?

Or did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express tonight?

All of that is irrelevant. Why do I care what you do? The fact is they bias their search for the way they like, and that includes clearly politically.

You seem to be implying that I should believe your story because you are benefiting under their system. Quite the opposite. That does not impress me.

Good gosh. They hire people to evaluate the results for authoritativeness and accuracy in order to verify accuracy. Can you not see how different the results would be depending on whether conservatives or liberals, Democrats or Republicans, make up the majority of these evaluators? They hire these raters to rank results and can adjust their algorithm accordingly.

Read the CNBCarticle. CNBC is one of your guys.

PS - I made no claim about these tweaks being manual after the fact adjustments. You brought that up … that is not a limiting factor to their biases. They may do that or not…they are secretive about all their details.

BS…they could care less. There is no money in whether ZeroHedge ranks for a search of not. You know what they care about? Payday loans and mortgages.

“Tweaking the algorithm” Libspeak for rigging the game. :smirk:

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