Is it time to move beyond Covid talking points?

Currently we have had tens of millions of people who have had their first shot. Tens of millions more who have had both shots. Every vulnerable person has had their opportunity to get their shot. The talking point claims that vaccinated people must wear masks because they are still at risk of getting or transmitting Covid. Data to support or debunk this claim should be starting to come in. So lets see it. What is the actual risk of fully vaccinated people getting Covid? Put up or shut up time.

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Not only that but what is the revised mortality rate for people who have been vaccinated and do get it again, if that happens? More or less than the flu? It isn’t supposed to be same as it was for unvaccinated people right?

We should start seeing hard data soon. If we don’t, suspect shenanigans.

Basically Fauci has said since there are new strains that have been identified and since there are likely new strains that can emerge we will always be recommended to wear masks. The more the better.

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They’re still researching it. Last I heard the shot will help you not get stick, but you can still carry the virus and thus spread it… just not as effectively if you weren’t vaccinated.

they’ll never let go of this power


I don’t know about for people that have had it, but for people that haven’t had it but get it even after being vaccinated, it appears to be right about zero mortality rate.

Oh the drama. All this over wearing a mask. Good lord.


It’s near 0 which is awesome.

But if you are vaccinated you should still wear a mask in crowds to avoid spreading the virus to others.

It is possible that vaccinated people can’t transmit the disease. The Israeli study finds that to be likely. But it’s not certain yet.

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Oh yeah. That too. Though current vaccinations seem good against a few of the known variants.

That sounds about as convincing as the virus will be gone November 4th.

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And the big unknowns are the variants which projections say might become dominant by the fall.
We shall soon see the effects of some states taking away the mask mandates and what happens with these spring break gatherings.

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Fauci is enjoying his sense of power too much to turn it loose willingly.

Rand Paul made some great points sparring with Fauci last week.


All that I know is this. Whenever we start to loosen things like social distancing, mask wearing, and travel…this thing takes off again. Then government over corrects.

In my opinions, if you want to get the economy open up and rolling, keep mask mandates in place for businesses who have more than X number of people in them. Say you are at a walmart, and there are 150 people in the store. Wear a mask. They have a counter, and the counter says…We hit 75 people, everyone must now wear a mask. If I am in an ace hardware and there are 5 people in the store…I don’t see where wearing a mask serves any purpose. And by all means if you are one of the 5 people at ACE Hardware, and you want to wear a mask…Be my guest. I probably will too.

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What Power is it that you 1.) think Fauci has, and 2.) think he enjoys so much.

Or are you just guessing that a guy like Fauci enjoys the power…and that’s that?

Sure. They have data available right now. They can tell us exactly how many people who have gotten the shot have also gotten the Rona. They have trended nearly all Covid data for a year. Why are they not trending this? Could it be they don’t like the trend?

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Do you think they should share with us the data that shows how many people who have been vacinated, have gotten the Rona? Would that be good info to have?

lol. months ago I surmised there was a difference between having covid and having coronovirus present. i surmised this due to the fact that children appeared to have the virus present but did not get covid symptoms. the research has since borne that out. they have fewer t cells and therefore fewer vectors for the virus to get into their bodies in sufficient amounts to develop covid, but still have the same amount of virus present in their noses. I was told I was ignorant and didn’t know how diseases worked by our resident “experts”. so much for their expertise.

at the same time i surmised that the large number of asymptomatics (not light symptoms, none), may also not actually have covid, and like children may not spread it so easily. there was research pointing to that, but it was quickly covered up. in the end i believe we will discover that all these asymptomatics, like children, rarely spread the disease. the disease seems to be highly contageous from people who actually develop covid symptoms to others who are susceptible. not so much from those who don’t, but have virus present.

we will likely find the same thing from people who are vaccinated.

what we are experiencing now is an authoritarian hangover. the powers that be can’t admit this stuff because it will show 3/4 of the crap they’ve put us through was completely ineffectual ■■■■■■■■ which accomplished nothing but allowing them to claim they were “saving us” with these actions. the virus ebbs and flows according to its own natural progression, when it flows they claim we need to do “this and that” to protect ourselves, when it ebbs they claim it “worked” and we need to keep doing it to defeat the virus. When it flows again they blame the people for not doing as they were told and double down on “this and that”, when it ebbs again they again claim success. What we are doing has little to do with any of it, but it does fool people into thinking they’re “protecting” us.


So crisis nearly over, if you can get the vaccine and don’t that would be your problem, general you not specific.

You can’t credibly compare an unvaccinated population to a vaccinated one.