Is it time to move beyond Covid talking points?

You need more patience. Not everything is a conspiracy theory.

I think they will withhold this information as long as possible. Three months of vaccinations is long enough to see if any trends have developed. Where’s the data to support their assertion?

likely in the same place as the data showing asymptomatics rarely spread the disease

No. I need to see the data to support their assertions. You have no business lecturing me on what I need.

As long as we’re giving each other advice, you should cut the crap with the personal garbage. And here’s how. If you simply wait for me to take the first personal jab, then the personal crap will never happen.

Good plan turtle man?


Which is why they are in no hurry to release it. What I don’t understand is why only Rand Paul is asking the question.

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it will be years before they admit the truth, if ever.


We can’t handle the truth.

I actually just want the data. Maybe some hot shot Fox reporter will be smart enough to ask for it? They won’t give it up without a fight. Somebody needs to pick a fight.

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You can find it I believe. I know it’s a very small number which is good. I know several people who have gotten COVID who have gotten it while waiting for second dose…all but one were very mild.

I have found some info from other countries. But have not been able to track it here at all. If you do find something, please share.

On the way down it appears yes. If we are smart we can avoid another surge.


From what I see it may already be happening…slight increases in Rt over last two weeks…is the first sign of an uptick…if not full on surge

Florida reported 29 deaths yesterday, 50 something the day before and under 100 a day for a couple of weeks. . It was only a few weeks or month ago it was well over 200 most days. I haven’t really looked for any national trends.

Approximately 40 states have an increasing rate of transmission while states like Indiana where I live also show a flat line in cases per 100k and positivity. But in past surges…it’s always been the Rt that tips off of a coming surge.

Sorry, I didn’t think saying you need more patience was particularly personal. Would you prefer I depersonalize in the future, like, “this post I’m replying to implies impatience”?

Haven’t heard the rate reported here lately.

I couldn’t care less about another surge. At this point, if somebody refuses to be vaccinated and they get the Rona, it’s their problem. And their problem only.

It’s none of your business. Good Lord.



Not everybody can get vaccinated immediately. These are your fellow Americans dying still.

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You’re giving advice that is neither wanted or needed.