Is it time to end the Afghanistan occupation?

I call it an occupation because there really are no battles. Casualties are all but non existent. I don’t believe that we are engaging in offensive operations anymore (I could be wrong).

Obviously the President want’s out. A peace treaty has been signed with the Taliban. We will probably be gone soon. Do I trust the Taliban? Not for a second. They could attempt to seize power the moment we leave.

But we have won the war. It was won years ago. Our original mission in Afghanistan was to kill everyone involved with 911 and eliminate their ability to strike us. We have certainly done that. We have introduced tens of thousands of Al Qaeda and Taliban to Allah. Game over, we won. What we were not told is that we would not leave until we had installed a secure government, friendly to the U.S. That became the goal AFTER we killed those involved with 911.

So is it time to get out? I’m leaning toward yes. But I’m still a little uneasy about it. Should we stay or leave?


Past due time to leave.

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Ok. Thanks for your input. :+1:

Yes, it time. Not sure you win when after you achieve your objective you bleed for 20 years. But yes, if it holds, good for Trump.

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Thanks! :+1:

It is definitely time. However we have been involved in a lot of offensive battles in past year. We dropped more ordinance this year then any year.

Small presence in a strictly counterterrorism role. Only because frankly we’re still going to be giving A-Stan tens of billions a year.

That’s not really a battle. They cannot combat our air power. For American’s, Afghanistan is very safe. I’ll put you down for time to leave. :+1:

I always wondered why nobody is demanding that we leave Germany, S. Korea or Japan? Why is it okay to have a presence there but not Afghanistan?

Almost all the dropped ordnance is in support of raids by ground troops

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I’ll put you down for time to get out.

Time to leave. Iraq also.

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I’m a little less sure about Iraq. I would hate to see Iran over run them and seize the oil fields. But maybe. :thinking:

Bring the Troops home, leave the Spooks. They’re not done yet.

Probably the best answer I’ve heard yet. :clap:

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Yes it is. There is nothing more we can do there.


Should have left Afghanistan back in 2011-2012 (death of Bin Laden).
Should have left Iraq after the parliamentary elections in 2005. (first government under their new constitution)

American forces still see combat as part of RSM operations

my personal opinion the war was never going to be won if we didn’t enter the FATA (Pakistan) and take out the Taliban leadership and support system.

but that was never going to happen, so we where stuck playing a game of wack the terrorist we made a lot of progress and control majority of the country but the Taliban will simply keep coming back to life as long as Pakistan backs them.