Is it time to defund the CIA and FBI?

According to President Biden, the intelligence community says that “terrorism white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today.”

Nuclear weapons from China or Russia can wipe out American cities.

Bioweapons can kill millions. Fentanyl from China is killing tens of thousands each year. Cities burned and dozens died in BLM-Antifa riots. The idea that white supremacists are the biggest threat is ludicrous.

If Biden is correct about the the CIA and FBI assessment, then intel agencies must either be incompetent or they must looking for a pretext for more surveillance and Stasi-style pre-dawn raids against perceived political opponents. Either way they need to be defunded to protect the republic.

On the other hand, if Biden’s report about the intel agencies is just another example of his fabrications and misinformation, then the question is why would he make up such a statement? Is it because China has the goods on him and his family, and they are demanding that he divert attention from China’s growing power and aggressive behavior?

And Trump…

How many people, in our history, have died from nuclear weapons in this country? Bio weapons? Fentanyl ingestion is voluntary. How many from BLM?

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Appointing incompetent and agenda driven people to lead Federal agencies is no reason to defund them.

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The commies are coming!..The 60’s,70’s and 80’s appreciate this post.

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Over 600,000 Americans have died from a virus that most likely originated as a result gain-of-function research in China. The technology for producing deadly novel viruses certainly exists and is becoming more widespread.

Hundreds of thousands have died in foreign wars since 1900; similar wars today could kill millions.

BLM riots and protests result in deaths of innocent people here are few examples as of June 8, 2020. In addition, homicide rates are way up in many cities as result of efforts to end police protection.

I thought it was no worse than flu?

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Civil service laws mean that the deep state and contractors remains regardless of what a few appointees want to do.

The only way to regain control by elected government may be to eliminate the agencies and transfer functions to other agencies.

Yes, that is what the party line was from the mainstream media during the first Trump impeachment.

The flu comparison only appears to be accurate for China and a few of its East Asian neighbors.

Oh so we are back to China sent a bio weapon to us?

How many from nukes?

How many deaths are attributed to BLM inc?

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And the death count is also supposedly inflated. So that hospitals can make more money and to hurt Trump.

Who knows how few actually died from Covid, zero?

And the shutdowns were unnecessary and arrange by D’s to intentionally hurt America and Trump.

So almost none of the harm from Covid can really be attributed to China. The damage is inflated, and the damage that is real was inflicted by D’s and not China.

Or so would be the logical conclusions from a narrative often espoused here about no big deal Covid.

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If Biden is really so concerned about the systemic racism and white supremacists he should put the quit into equity and resign immediately.

Judge Brown recently explained his personal experience with slave-state Joe (contains R-rated language):


He’s not lying.
White supremacist terrorists is the most dangerous thing facing our homeland. Change my mind.


So instead of defunding, how bout reallocating existing resources.

They have been kicking around the rise in domestic terrorist among white nationalist for a while. Even when I was contracting in the cyber crime division at HQ, it was brought up a few times. That was almost 10 years ago.

Who to trust when it comes to assessing threats to the country? FBI/CIA officials who have dedicated their lives and careers to law enforcement and have sworn oaths of service to the country, or Bill from the internet. Tough call.


It was reported today that some of the white supremacists who trespassed on the capitol are going to plead guilty to their federal charges. And it was reported about one case where the judge is keeping a white supremacist in jail because he told her that he only gets his news from Donald Trump and so he believes that the election was stolen.

Well knuckle draggers gonna knuckle drag. If given the chance dude probably would be part of a false insurrection again. People need to stop listening to the former bitch ass and chief.

Since they have been pretty thoroughly politicized i would vote yes on the defunding.

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May as well defund them. All they do is shady ■■■■ anyway. :man_shrugging:

Brown has always struck me as a pretty straight shooter. :+1:

Terrific thread. Wingnuts apparently get triggered when anyone goes after their precious, precious white supremacy.